TOC: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art 5.2&3 (December 2018)

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TOC: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art 5.2&3 (December 2018)


Intellect is pleased to announce that the Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art 5.2&3 is now available! For more information about the issue, click here >>


This is a special issue entitled, 'Chinese art outside the art space'.




Chinese art outside the art space

Authors:  Jiang Jiehong 

Towards a spatial history of contemporary art in China

Authors:  Pauline J. Yao 


Two approaches to socially engaged art with the Hong Kong Filipino community

Authors:  Frank Vigneron 


From outside to inside: Understanding socially engaged art through curatorial practices

Authors:  Sipei Lu 

(In)visible ink: Outsiders at the Yaji, the ink installations of Bingyi and Tao Aimin

Authors:  Luise Guest 


Village transformed: Jin Le and community development through contemporary art

Authors:  Meiqin Wang 


Socially engaged art and the affects of Chinese rural community: A case study of ‘Someone Nearby’

Authors:  Yanhua Zhou 


Faces from the detention camps – revisiting Art In the Camps (1988–91)

Authors:  Leung Ho Yin 


Inside out: The remaking of home as an institution of critique

Authors:  Jiangtao Gu 


Independent spaces to the street: Participatory art in Shanghai

Authors:  Julie Chun