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Journal of Studies in History & Culture (JSHC) is a peer-reviewed, open-access online journal. The journal was born out of the needs to provide a platform for interdisciplinary research to emerging scholars across the world. The objective of JSHC is to fill the lacuna in the field of graduate research given a dearth of independent research by graduate students in India and the absence of funding towards this. It has since expanded its scope The journal hopes to promote originality in interpretation and encourages collaborative work based on primary sources. It also publishes constructive and critical reinterpretations of existing scholarship. Besides seeking high-quality work by graduate students, research scholars and research fellows, it also accepts reviews of recent works of scholarship.

Our first Issue is slated to be published on 30th of September, 2014.

Topics can range from materialist analyses of literary texts, discussions on fundamentalist threats to the libertarian principles of a secular democracy, the survival of traditional theatre in the face of continuous onslaught from city bred cultural trends to comparative morphology of counterculture in post First World War scenarios on a global scale. Moving ahead with a preset theme would have been regressive to our cause of serving as a platform for dialogue and active engagement with the community of emerging scholars all over the world. Even as we stand at the cusp of widespread change and discontent ranging from the Occupy movements, the Arab Spring, the anti-graft movements in India there are also stories like the Nepalese democracy movement moving towards fruitions or the Chilean student movements sending the Vallejos and Borics to their parliament. There is much to rejoice in and at the same time ponder about. Would any of these bring about any changes in the economic foundations of neo-liberal regimes all over the world or would life continue unabated? Were these interim protests all for nothing or are the times about to change? Many such issues which are relevant will hopefully be written upon by scholars who are the future of the academic world. With their intellectual pursuits they would probably intend to connect with a community of scholars worldwide, thinking on similar lines, and perhaps asking similar questions. Hoping to find a space for such research the Journal of Studies in History and Culture invites articles for its first issue which would appear in the latter half of 2014. We would try to incorporate papers dealing with diverse topics, with an interdisciplinary approach. The deadline for submission of manuscripts is 20th August, 2014. All submissions should contain a cover letter and an abstract of no more than 300 words. Authors looking to review books for JSHC should contact the journal with their proposals as unsolicited reviews would normally not be accepted.


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