CFP: Asian Symposium on Human Rights Education

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Join us for the three-day. international, peer-reviewed Asian Symposium on Human Rights Education held from Aug 2-4, 2014 at Hiroshima Mitsui Garden Hotel, Japan. The event is held jointly with the Asian Conference on Education for Sustainability and it precedes the 69th Hiroshima Peace Memorial and Remembrance Ceremony.

Registered participants with an accepted abstract and/or refereed full paper will be published in the Proceedings (ISSN 2188-4013). The conference will focus on the following topic areas:


    Abduction and Detention
    Arms Control
    Arts and Cultural Life
    Children and Youth
    Civil Rights
    Colonialism / Post-colonialism
    Corporate Social Responsibility
    Crimes Against Humanity
    Disability Rights
    Documenting Human Rights Abuses
    Domestic Violence
    Elderly and Aging
    Employment and the Workplace
    Environmental Rights
    Families / Marriage and Parenting
    Forced Disappearance
    Forced Labor and Slavery
    Forced Marriage
    Freedom of Opinion and Expression
    Gender Studies (Women, Men, LGBT)
    Human Rights Education
    Human Trafficking and Sexual Slavery
    Immigration and Migrant Rights
    Imprisonment and Torture
    Indigenous Peoples
    Injustice and Inequality
    International Justice
    Law and Compliance
    Life, Liberty and Personal Security
    MDGs (poverty, universal education, etc.)
    Organ Trafficking
    Peace Studies
    Philosophy of Human Rights
    Political Rights
    Privacy and Disclosure
    Refugees and Diaspora Issues
    Religious Freedom
    Social Justice
    Social Security
    Other (please specify)

Michael Sasaoka
ACES 2014, Mitsui Garden Hotel
9-12 Nakamachi, Naka Ward, Hiroshima, 730-0037
Hiroshima, Japan

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