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Sharon Crozier-De Rosa and Vera Mackie, Remembering Women's Activism, Oxford: Routledge, 2019, 254pp, ISBN: 9781138794894.

In Remembering Women’s Activism we examine the intersections between gender politics and acts of remembrance by tracing the cultural memories of women who are known for their actions.

Memories are constantly being reinterpreted and are profoundly shaped by gender. In this book we explore the gendered dimensions of history and memory through nation-based and transnational case studies from the Asia-Pacific region and the Anglophone world. We consider how different forms of women’s activism have been remembered: the efforts of suffragists in Britain, the USA and Australia to document their own histories and preserve their memory; Constance Markievicz and Qiu Jin, two early twentieth-century political activists in Ireland and China respectively; the struggles of women workers; and the movement for redress of those who have suffered militarized sexual abuse. We conclude by reflecting on the mobilization of memories of activism in the present.

Transnational in scope and with reference to both state-centred and organic acts of remembering, including memorial practices, physical sites of memory, popular culture and social media, Remembering Women’s Activism will be of interest to students of gender and history, the history of feminism, and the relationship between memory and history.

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Introduction: Gendered memories and histories

1 Suffragists and suffragettes

2 Revolutionary nationalists

3 Workers

4 Grandmothers

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