CFP "Circulation" in 19th century, Rutgers, Oct. 2014

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 19thC Workshop on "Circulation" at Rutgers, Oct. 2-3, 2014; proposals due April 21
Location:New Jersey, United States
Call for Papers Date:2014-04-21 (in 8 days)
Date Submitted:2014-04-08
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Nineteenth-Century Workshop, Oct. 2-3, 2014

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ


For the inaugural meeting of an annual workshop devoted to the discussion of new, interdisciplinary work in Nineteenth-Century Studies, we invite papers that explore the importance of circulation—of goods, print, persons, money, and ideas—to nineteenth-century culture and society. 

The nineteenth century was an age of mass circulation of newspapers and magazines; of forced migration and exodus; of developing expertise in networks of trade and colonial exploitation; of the emergence of standardized time for travel by steamship and by rail; of the transnational circulation of theatrical performances, medicine shows, and fraudulent currency; and of new understandings of the movement of languages, species, and cultures. The end of the slave trade and the abolition of slavery in many empires and nations, new forms of colonialism (of both the extractive and settler varieties) as well as massive labor migrations, all radically altered individuals’ sense of place and belonging, and what constituted the local and the global.

We welcome papers that examine how the movement of commodities, capital, and human bodies was governed, promoted, and understood by different groups and organizations as well as those that explore how nineteenth-century cultural works oriented themselves to new conditions of circulation.  We are also interested in stasis as a counterpart to new regimes of circulation; in an age of increasingly coordinated circulation, where were the blockages? What stayed still? 

Priority will be given to essays that reach across disciplinary boundaries and attempt to connect accounts of nineteenth-century circulation to lived cultural and social experiences. 

Possible topics include: 

  • marketplace exchanges, the circulation of money, goods, property, capital
  • migration and relocation of people
  • circulation within bodies (blood, digestion/waste, pleasure/desire)
  • regulation of movement in space (architectural design, urban planning, public health, and other forms of governmental or non-governmental regulation)
  • transgression of boundaries, policing of boundaries
  • technologies of circulation
  • the circulation of ideas and ideologies
  • translation and other forms of transnational exchange
  • literary, artistic, social and political movements
  • circulation as an object of study in physics and psychology
  • circulation as a theme in the arts, especially in dance and the visual arts
  • stasis and blockage, what does not move, what limits circulation
  • disorganized circulation

As befits the topic, essays will be circulated in advance to all participants; the workshop format will permit the focused discussion of these essays across two days of convivial conversation.  Workshop participants will include nineteenth-century scholars from various fields—literature, history, art history, architecture, history of medicine, and others—at Rutgers and in the greater NY/ NJ area.  The workshop will cover most of the expenses of those chosen to present their work.

Applications should be sent to Meredith McGill ( by Monday, April 21; they will be evaluated by an interdisciplinary group of scholars.  Applications should include:  (1) a description of the proposed paper (1-2 pages) and (2) a brief cv (no more than 3 pages).  Applicants will be notified by May 15 if they will be included in the program.