TOC: Asian Review of World Histories, 6.2 (2018)

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The journal Asian Review of World Histories now available! Below, please find the table of contents and see the link for more information:

Volume 6, Issue 2, 2018

ISSN: 2287-965X

E-ISSN: 2287-9811


“Introduction: Peoples, Places, Cultures, and Mobilities in the Early Modern Asian World,” by Radhika Seshan, pp.: 215–222 (8)

“Historical Study of Societal Transformations in the Extended Indian Ocean Realm,” by Kenneth R. Hall, pp.: 223–235 (13)

“Anahilapura: Understanding Its Expansive Network during the Time of the Chaulukyas,” by Suchandra Ghosh, pp.: 236–245 (10)

“Moral Hinterlands of Pre-Colonial Indian Cities,” by Stewart Gordon, pp.: 246–257 (12)

“People, Places, and Mobility: The Strange History of Prester John across the Indian Ocean,” by Rila Mukherjee, pp.: 258–276 (19)

“Intra-Asian Competition and Collaboration against the West: The N.Y.K. Bombay Line, Tata & Sons, and Indian Cotton at the End of the Nineteenth Century,” by Shigeru Akita, pp.: 277–293 (17)

“Objects, Images, and Places across the Indian Ocean,” by Rila Mukherjee, pp.: 295–305 (11)

“Russia and Its Northeast Asian Neighbors: China, Japan, and Korea, 1858–1945 , edited by Kimitaka Matsuzato (2017),” by Igor V. Lukoianov, pp.: 307–311 (5)

“From the Oxus to the Indus: Political and Cultural Study c. 300 BCE to c. 100 BCE , written by Suchandra Ghosh (2017),” by Upinder Singh, pp.: 312–315 (4)