Member book, Mark, Japan's Occupation of Java in the Second World War: A Transnational History

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This is to announce the publication of my new book, Japan's Occupation of Java in the Second World War:  A Transnational History.

Series:  SOAS Studies in Modern and Contemporary Japan; Hardcover:  368 pages; Publisher:  Bloomsbury Academic (July 12th, 2018); Language:  English; ISBN-10: 1350022209; ISBN-13: 978-1350022201

Japan's Occupation of Java in the Second World War draws upon written and oral Japanese, Indonesian, Dutch and English-language sources to narrate the Japanese occupation of Java as a transnational intersection between two complex Asian societies, placing this narrative in a larger wartime context of domestic, regional, and global crisis.   It is structured around a diverse group of producers and consumers of the wartime vision of a 'Greater Asia,' focusing on civilian Japanese propagandists embedded with the occupying forces and Indonesians who worked with them for their own purposes.  

Japan's occupation of Java is here revealed in a radically new and nuanced light, not only as a confrontation between Japanese imperialism and Indonesian nationalism but also as an ambiguous and productive intersection between them--an encounter revolutionary in the degree of mutual interests that drew the two sides together, fascinating and tragic in its evolution, and profound in the legacies left behind.

Breaking new ground interpretatively, thematically and as narrative of the war experience in occupied Asia, this monumental transnational study should be of wide interest to students and scholars of modern Japanese, Indonesian, Asian and global history.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: An Asian Intersection
1. Out of China
2. Crisis, Japan, and “Asia” in Prewar Java
3. Venturing South
4. First Encounters
5. Restoring Orders
6. Greater Asia Indonesian-Style
7. Father Figures
8. Normalization
9. Reckonings
Conclusion: Resituating Greater Asia

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