TOC: Journal of Chinese Humanities, 3.2 Special Issue (2017)

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The latest issue of Journal of Chinese Humanities now available! Below, please find the table of contents and see the link for more information:

Volume 3, Historical Memory and Changing Paradigms, 2017

ISSN: 2352-1333 E-ISSN: 2352-1341


“The Paradigmatic Crises in China’s Minzu Studies: Reflections from the Perspective of Human Development,” by Xiaojun Zhang, pp.: 135–155 (21)

 “Where Is China Headed? New Tendencies in the Humanities and Social Sciences,” by Xuedian Wang, pp.: 156–176 (21)

 “Toward a Maoist Dream of the Red Chamber: Or, How Baoyu and Daiyu Became Rebels Against Feudalism,” by Johannes Kaminski, pp.: 177–202 (26)

 “Can the Past Serve the Present? The Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall,” by Megan Liu, pp.: 203–218 (16)

 “Voice from the East: The Chinese Theory of Justice , written by Huang Yushun,” reviewed by Joshua Mason, pp.: 219–224 (6)

 “Top Ten Developments in Studies on Chinese Humanities in 2016,” pp.: 225–232 (8)