Siddham online database of South Asian inscriptions

Lewis Doney Discussion
Dear colleagues,
A new online database of South Asian inscriptions, "Siddham" (, was launched by "Beyond Boundaries: Religion, Region, Language and the State" project. Our team expects the database will continue to expand its corpus and include translations in the future. We welcome any feedback on the usability of the platform or other suggestions through our online feedback form ( 
Please know that the structural metadata, the XML-tagged transliterations (following EpiDoc TEI standards), and the supporting photographic data are being archived within the Siddham community of Zenodo ( This will enable open access as well as protect the database in case of any unforeseen eventuality.
The "Siddham" database is a resource for the study of inscriptions from South Asia. It is the key output of "Beyond Boundaries," a major multidisciplinary research project which aims to re-vision the history of Asia in one of its most significant periods. The project focuses on the period of the Guptas (circa 320 to 550), which had an enduring impact on India and across Central and Southeast Asia in a host of cultural, religious and socio-political spheres. 
The project is based at the British Museum, British Library and the School of Oriental and African Studies, and funded by an ERC-Synergy grant for 2014–2020.
With best wishes,
Lewis Doney
Research Assistant,