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Ed. note: On behalf of the team of volunteer editors at H-Asia I'd like to commend to your attention the appeal below from Jesse Draper at H-Net. Most H-Asia subscribers have direct contact with only a sliver of H-Net's 180 networks, but none of the work we do at H-Asia would be possible without the servers and support of the H-Net office. Many H-Asia editors have also served the larger organization as elected officers, including Marilyn Levine, Frank Conlon, Monika Lehner, and myself currently. Please consider donating.
Ryan Dunch (H-Asia co-editor, and 2017 President of H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online)

Dear H-Asia subscribers,

This is a very exciting time to belong to the H-Net community. Together with hundreds of other volunteer editors, we are building a truly remarkable collection of digital scholarship that is freely available to the world. H-Asia has an excellent group of editors who have taken advantage of the  platform to create new resources for our subscribers, such as Digital Asia. We are excited to use these tools to continue to make H-Asia an important resource for scholars in the field.

In order to continue as a free, nonprofit, commercial-free service, capable of creating these valuable resources for subscribers, H-Net needs your support. Please consider supporting the continued development and maintenance of H-Asia by contributing a tax-deductible gift at the new Support H-Net page. Every bit helps!

All the best,

Jesse Draper
Associate Director, Networks