CONFERENCE: "Seeking a Future for East Asia's Past: Sinographic Studies" at Boston University, April 27

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Seeking a Future for East Asia’s Past: A Workshop on Sinographic Sphere Studies

In the early twentieth century East Asia’s traditional Sinographic Sphere broke apart.
What is the future of its legacy in the early twenty-first century?
A day of visionary brainstorming with students and scholars articulating the future of their mission to recapture the region’s shared past in a divisive present


April 27, 2018

Boston University
Location: 745 Commonwealth Avenue, School of Theology, Room B 23
Time: 8.30 am – 6.30 pm

Sponsored by BU Center for the Humanities, BU Center for the Study of Asia, World Languages and Literatures (WLL); BU College of Arts and Sciences



Friday, April 27
8.30 am         Registration

8.45 am         WELCOME
          Wiebke Denecke

Victor Mair (University of Pennsylvania):
“Sinographic Sphere Studies:  Problems, Prospects, and Priorities”

9.45 am         SESSION 1
Conceptualizing “East Asia”: Master Narratives, Terminologies, Translation Issues

11.30 am                   COFFEE BREAK

11.45 am       SESSION 2
Hot Spots in the Study of “East Asia”: Past, Present, Future

1.30 pm                     LUNCH

2.30    SESSION 3
Academic Study of “East Asia”: Institutional Realities, Obstacles, Opportunities

4.15                            COFFEE BREAK

4.30    SESSION 4
Teaching and Communicating “East Asia”: Pedagogy, Publishing and the Public Sphere

6.15                            Closing Remarks

Victor Mair (keynote speaker) (University of Pennsylvania)
Wiebke Denecke (Boston University)
Matthew Fraleigh (Brandeis University)
Terry Kawashima (University of Massachusetts, Boston)
Ross King (University of British Columbia)
Jeffrey Niedermaier (Yale University)
Sinae Park (Harvard University)
Brian Steininger (Princeton University)
Keith Taylor (Cornell University)
Xin Wei  (BU, Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow)                
Min Jung You (Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul)