ToC Asian Bioethics Review - Volume 7, No. 4 (December 2015)

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The Table of Contents for the December 2015 issue of the Asian Bioethics Review (Vol. 7, No. 4) is below. The journal is published by NUS Press for the Centre for Biomedical Ethics at the National University of Singapore. The website for the journal is and editorial correspondence can be directed to Leonardo de Castro at

Table of Contents 


From the Editor


Ascertaining and Aligning Intentions, Consensus-Building in End-of-Life Decision-Making, Mainstreaming Traditional

and Complementary Medicine 

Leonardo D. De Castro




Experience of a New Kind: External Review of a Bioethics Centre 

Aamir M. Jafarey, Anika Khan and Farhat Moazam


A Palliative Care Model for the Elucidation of Intention within the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MEI) 

Peh Tan Ying, Lalit K.R. Krishna and Alethea Yee Chung Peng


Ethics as a Modality Affecting Health and Healthcare Practice: Revealing the Real Strengths of Traditional Healthcare 

Sanjeev Rastogi and Priyanka Chaudhari


Autonomy, Choices and Consent in Commercial Surrogacy: Viewing through the Indian Lens 

Diksha Munjal-Shankar


Student Voices


Commentary on End-of-Life Decision-Making in Singapore: Best Interest Conflicting with Surrogate Decision-Making 

Teo Tse Yean and Devanand Anantham


Case Commentary


Legal Issues Regarding Confidentiality and Consent in HIV Testing in Hong Kong 

Mimi Zou


Clinical Perspectives from Japan 

Satoshi Kodama, Yumi Matsumura, Takahiro Hattori and Keiko Sato


A Patients’ Rights Approach: The New Zealand Perspective 

Nicola Peart and Jing Bao Nie


Confidentiality, Consent and HIV Testing: Students’ View from Mainland China

Zhu Wei


Letter to the Editor


Medicine, Morality and the Refugee Crisis 

Shahla Siddiqui