NEW JOURNAL: International Journal of Taiwan Studies, 1.1 (2018)

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The inaugural issue of International Journal of Taiwan Studies is now available! Below, please find the table of contents and see the link for more information:

International Journal of Taiwan Studies
Volume 1, Issue 1, 2018
ISSN: 2468-8797
E-ISSN: 2468-8800


“Editorial,” by Ming-yeh T. Rawnsley, pp.: 1–3

“Introduction: The State of the Field of Taiwan Studies,” by Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao and Dafydd Fell, pp.: 5–10

“Ontologies of Taiwan Studies, Indigenous Studies, and Anthropology,” by Scott Simon, pp.: 11–35

“Bridging the Gaps: Methodological Challenges in the Study of Taiwanese Popular Religion,” by Paul R. Katz, pp.: 36–63

“Studies on Taiwan’s Ethnic Relations,” by Fu-chang Wang, pp.: 64–89

“Studies of Taiwan’s Feminist Discourses and Women’s Movements,” by Doris T. Chang, pp.: 90–114

“The Institutionalisation of Social Movement Study in Taiwan,” by Ming-sho Ho; Chun-hao Huang and Chun-ta Juan, pp.: 115–140

“Studies on Taiwan’s Democracy and Democratisation,” by Shelley Rigger, pp.: 141–160

“International Relations Theory and the Relationship across the Taiwan Strait,” by Scott L. Kastner, pp.: 161–183

“Considerations on Planning the Theme, ‘Translating Taiwan: 1947–1987–2017’, the 14th Annual Conference of the European Association of Taiwan Studies (EATS), Venice, Italy, 2–4 March 2017,” by Federica Passi, pp.: 185–192

“Forum 1: Linking the Taiwan Studies and China Studies Fields: How to Argue for the Faculty Recruitment of Taiwan Scholars at Western Universities,” by Gunter Schubert; Saša Istenič; Thomas B. Gold and Margaret Hillenbrand, pp.: 193–208

“Forum 2: Linking Taiwan Studies with the World,” by Shu-mei Shih; Mark Harrison; Kuei-fen Chiu and Michael Berry, pp.: 209–227

“A Queer Invention in Taiwan: A History of Tongzhi Literature (同志文學史:台灣的發明), written by Ta-Wei Chi,” reviewed by Howard Chiang, pp.: 229–231

“Convergence or Conflict in the Taiwan Strait: The Illusion of Peace?, written by J. Michael Cole,” reviewed by Huey-Li Li, pp.: 232–234

“Identity Politics and Popular Culture in Taiwan: A Sajiao Generation, written by Hsin-I Yueh,” reviewed by Amélie Keyser-Verreault, pp.: 235–237

“The Kaohsiung Incident in Taiwan and Memoirs of a Foreign Big Beard, written by J. Bruce Jacobs,” reviewed by Niki J.P. Alsford, pp.: 238–240

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