Seminar on 6 October at Osaka U: Japanese Communist Party’s ‘Military Policy’ of 1950-1956 & Impact of the Long Repatriation on Postwar Japan

Dear Colleagues:

We will hold an international Asia-Pacific Study seminar on 6 October (Saturday) at the Toyonaka Campus, Osaka University. You are very welcome to the seminar. Seminar papers should be ready one week prior to the seminar and available for prospective participants. If you wish to attend the seminar, please let me know by 26 September. We also look for additional discussants for both sessions. We will provide them with domestic travel expense.
Yone Sugita: sugita@lang.osaka-u.ac.jp

Thank you.

TOC, Japan Studies Review, Volume XXII, Issue 2018

The Japan Studies Review (JSR) is an annual peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the joint efforts of the Asian Studies Program at Florida International University. JSR remains an outlet for publications related to Southern Japan Seminar events that encourages submissions from a wide range of scholars in the field.

Call for Panelists and Chair/Discussant: “Monarchies and Paths of Asian Modernities,” AAS-in-Asia, Bangkok, July 1-4, 2019

Over the past several decades, scholarship has challenged the traditional association between monarchies and pre-modern politics. Works by Takashi Fujitani and Maurizio Peleggi, for example, have explored some of the ways in which Asian monarchies responded to global changes and refashioned imperial authority for the modern era. This panel intends to build on these foundational works to explore the relationship between monarchies, imperial authority, and the development of modern nation-states in Asia.

Position, Assistant Professor of Chinese Studies, College of William and Mary

For details, see https://www.h-net.org/jobs/job_display.php?id=57374

The Department of Modern Languages & Literatures at William & Mary seeks applications for a tenure track position at the Assistant Professor level in premodern Chinese literature and culture. This scholar would work primarily on Chinese literature and culture before the Qing period (1644–1911). The applicant is expected to establish and maintain an active research program.


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