ANNOUNCEMENT: The Hashima XR International Developers' Workshop, 26 July

Christopher Gerteis Discussion

Dear Colleagues,

Please join us as we formally launch the HashimaXR Project ( this July.

The Hashima XR team is using 3d game engine technology (Unreal Engine) to build an immersive virtual reality experience (IVR) of daily life as experienced by residents of the coal mining community on Hashima Island, also known as GUNKANJIMA [Battleship Island].  

The project launched in 2022 and will unfold over five years to train the next generation of academic researchers and industry leaders in using historical research methods and 3d game design. We aim to preserve the tangible and intangible heritage of Hashima within the historical context of daily life as experienced by residents of the small coal mining community.

The workshop on 26 July will bring together our international team of historians, game designers, and GUNKANJIMA enthusiasts, in room 303 of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, at the Hongo campus of the University of Tokyo.

Everyone is welcome, and we will provide Consecutive Interpretation (E-J) to better facilitate discussion.

A schedule for the workshop, along with a link for advance registration, can be found at:

Registration is required but is open to anyone interested in the intersection of XR and the Humanities.

I hope everyone can join us!


Dr Christopher Gerteis