Special Issue of positions: asia critique (31:2) “Cultures of Labor in Contemporary China” - Available Now Online

Dale Booth Discussion

We are pleased to announce the publication of “Cultures of Labor in Contemporary China,” a special issue of positions (31:2), edited by Paola Iovene.

This special issue offers an interdisciplinary investigation of the cultural and media practices of Chinese migrant workers, ranging from poetry to music and from oral storytelling to the use of social media. Contributors argue that “culture” acquires new salience with precarity on the rise and political advocacy increasingly constrained.

The contributors are Max Bohnenkamp, Mun Young Cho, Wang Dezhi, Zhang Huiyu, Paula Iovene, Justyna Jaguścik, Siting Jiang, Federico Picerni, Li Ruo, Jiarui Sun, Wanning Sun, Chun Chun Ting, Lü Tu, Yang Zhan, Yurok Zhong, and Maghiel van Crevel.

Browse the table of contents, read the introduction, and check out Maghiel van Crevel's “I and We in Picun: The Making of Chinese Poet Xiao Hai,” made freely available for three months, at https://read.dukeupress.edu/positions/issue/31/2. The issue is available for purchase at https://www.dukeupress.edu/cultures-of-labor-in-contemporary-china.