Looking for panelists for the NWSA annual conference

Yuhan Huang's picture

I am looking for 1-2 scholars to join a panel on digital feminist movements for the National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) annual conference. The panel is tentatively titled “Digital Feminism under Censorship.” We have two papers as of now: Yuhan Huang (Rochester Institute of Technology)’s paper works on the development of the #MeToo movement in mainland China, focusing on the interplay of local narratives, transnational activism, and censorship; Pin Lü (Rutgers University)’s paper analyzes the Chinese government’s comprehensive strategies to thwart activist efforts and keep feminist communities in check by comparing official narratives and public online discussions surrounding high-profile cases of gender-based violence that took place in mainland China in 2021 and 2022. This panel does not have a specific regional focus. Any project that addresses digital feminism and related issues is welcome. Please submit a short proposal (no more than 250 words) to Yuhan Huang (yhgsl@rit.edu) by April 7th.