TOC Ab Imperio, issue 4 (4/2022)

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Dear Colleagues,

The latest issue of Ab Imperio (4/2022) is now available at


“Methodology and Theory” section:

“Disentangling the State, the Empire, and the Nation” by the Editors.

“The Russian Imperial Situation: Before and after the Nation-State” by Ilya Gerasimov.

“History” section:

“‘From the Seeds Sown in the Soil’: The Boxer Rebellion and the Awakening of Russian Missionary Activity in China (1900–1917)” by Anastasiia Akulich.

“Border Control and Early Soviet Statehood: The Case of the Soviet-Finnish Frontier in the 1920s” by Oksana Ermolaeva.

“Stalin's Hidden Eugenic Agenda: Debating and Practicing Eugenic Abortion in the Soviet Union, 1920–1951” by Björn M. Felder.

“Archive” section:

“The Diary of a Border Guard” by Klimentii Fedevich.

“From Ch***v’s Diary, 1940–1944”

“Newest Mythologies” section:

“Boris Akunin's Political Novel: Russian Musketeers on a Path to the Promised Land” by Elena Baraban.

The issue also contains an extended section of book reviews.

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