Position, Opportunities for Scholars 2017-2018, Institute for Advanced Study

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For details, see: https://www.h-net.org/jobs/job_display.php?id=52830

The School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Study invites candidates to apply for a single term or a full academic year to pursue their own research. Scholars may apply for a stipend, but those with sabbatical funding, other grants, retirement funding or other means are also invited to apply for a non-stipendiary membership.  Some short-term visitorships (for less than a full term, and without stipend) are also available on an ad-hoc basis.  Open to all fields of historical research, the School of Historical Studies' principal interests are the history of western, near eastern and Asian civilizations, with particular emphasis upon Greek and Roman civilization, the history of Europe (medieval, early modern, and modern), the Islamic world, East Asian studies, art history, the history of science and philosophy, modern international relations, and music studies. 


Website: https://www.hs.ias.edu/mem_announcement

Posting date: 05/16/2016

Closing Date: 11/01/2016