TOC, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 26:1-2 (January/April 2016) -- The Mongols and Post-Mongol Asia

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Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society   Volume 26 - Issue 1-2 - January 2016

SPECIAL DOUBLE ISSUE  The Mongols and Post-Mongol Asia: Studies in Honour of David O. Morgan

is now available online.

Table of Contents

Introduction by SARAH ANSARI        

An Introduction to David Morgan  by Timothy May

Part I: Pre-Mongol Period

Political Metaphors and Concepts in the Writings of an Eleventh-Century Sunni Scholar, Abū al-Ma‛ālī al-Juwaynī (419 – 478/1028 – 1085) OVAMIR ANJUM               

Al-Afḍal the Son of Saladin and His Reputation GERALD HAWTING                

The long-term geopolitics of the pre-modern Middle East MICHAEL COOK

Part Ii: The Mongol World

The Ethos of State and Society in the Early Mongol Empire: Chinggis Khan to Güyük PAUL D. BUELL, JUDITH KOLBAS

The Testimony of the Russian ‘Archbishop’ Peter Concerning the Mongols (1244/5): Precious Intelligence or Timely Disinformation?  PETER JACKSON

The Islamisation of Hülegü: Imaginary Conversion in the Ilkhanate MICHAL BIRAN

Commercial Queens: Mongolian Khatuns and the Silk Road TIMOTHY MAY                

The Queen of the Chaghatayids: Orghīna Khātūn and the rule of Central Asia BRUNO DE NICOLA                

Marriage, Family and Politics: The Ilkhanid-Oirat Connection ANNE F. BROADBRIDGE

If the Cap Fits: Going Mongol in Thirteenth Century Syria ANGUS STEWART               

A Murder in Medieval Yazd  ISABEL A. M. MILLER

The Preconditions to Becoming a Judge (Yarġuči) in Mongol Iran ISTVÁN VÁSÁRY

Part Iii: The Sources

The Edinburgh Biruni Manuscript: a mirror of its time? ROBERT HILLENBRAND

Rashīd al-Dīn and the Shāhnāmeh  CHARLES MELVILLE

Architecture as a Source for Local History in the Mongol Period: The Example of Warāmīn SHEILA BLAIR

Remarks on some European names in the Syriac life of Mār Yaḇalāhā FRANÇOIS DE BLOIS  

Intellectual jousting and the Chinggisid Wisdom Bazaars GEORGE LANE           

Mīrkhwānd and Persian Historiography ALI M. ANSARI        

Part Iv: Beyond The Empire

Echoes of the Eurasian Steppe in the Daily Culture of Mamluk Military Society REUVEN AMITAI                

Scripting Mamlūk Cities: Insider's Look. Explorations into Landscape Narratives NIMROD LUZ            

The Empire of Tamerlane as an Adaptation of the Mongol Empire: An answer to David Morgan, “The Empire of Tamerlane: An Unsuccessful Re-Run of the Mongol State?”   BEATRICE F. MANZ            

Post-Mongol States and Early Modern Chronology in Iran and China PAMELA KYLE CROSSLEY, GENE R. GARTHWAITE

‘More than ordinary labour’: Thomas Hyde (1636-1703) and the translation of Turkish documents under the later Stuarts COLIN HEYWOOD

Gobineau, the Would-be Orientalist  ROBERT IRWIN         

Wittek and Köprülü   RUDI PAUL LINDNER            

The Najaf Ḥawzah Curriculum  ROY P. MOTTAHEDEH         

Saints of the Indus: The Rise of Islam in South Asia's Borderlands  ANDRÉ WINK