CFP 7th "World Conference of Chinese Studies" Aug 25-27 in Poznan/Poland, Berlin/Germany & Changsha/China - Deadline for Registration & Abstracts April 30, 2023 | 研討會:第七屆世界漢學論壇​,2023年8月25日至27日(注册时间限制2023年4月30日)

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Conference: 7th World Conference of Chinese Studies 2023. focusing on literature, humanities, digitalization, globalization, media design and on post-pandemic Chinese society in transition

Schedule: August 25-27, 2023, Aug 25-26: Poznan/Poland, A. Mickiewicz University; Aug 27: Berlin/Media Design Univeristy; Changsha/Hunan Normal University. Visit of academic partners in Berlin and other sites of interest August 28-30)

議程:2023年8月24日簽到, 25日-27日下午學術研討會,28-30日柏林拜訪學術機構, 31日離會。

Registration until April 30 请2023年4月30日前注册: or/或者

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Organizer: World Association for Chinese Studies e.V. (NGO/NPO) 主辦方:世界漢學研究會,非政府非盈利機構

The annual meetings of the World Association for Chinese Studies every August gather 100 to 150 speakers at two places in Europe and one place in China. One of the two places in Europe is a sinological institute at a university - in 2023 the Oriental Studies Institute at Adam Mickiewic University Poznan/Poland -, the other a host in a European capital. In 2022 and 2023 it is both Berlin, after Vienna, Paris, London and Brussels the years before. The meetings breath a unique spirit, bringing Chinese and international scholars together in discussions, showing different approaches and attitudes like in a magnifying glass. The experience for both, mainland Chinese scholars and international scholars is rewarding. Several young Chinese scholars, reflecting on their participation in recent years, called the variety of critical perspectives life changing.

The idea arose from the desire to save Chinese and American colleagues half the flight distance so that they do not have to spend half a day each time to meet in the USA or in China. It also saves energy costs and reduces pollution. In addition, such a meeting in the summer in Europe has the very special charm of exploring the old world: Some scholars extend their stay to enjoy a visit to different places in Europe. Scheduling in August enables US colleagues to combine their participation with a summer vacation and Chinese colleagues to take a deep breath before the start of the semester.


Organizing Committee 會務組
Martin Woesler (Conference Convener) 吳漠汀(召集人) 波蘭波茲南、中國湖南师范大学, Im Westenfeld 18, 44801 Bochum,Germany, mobile: +49 178 2073538 / +86 150 1138 8818, email:, Richard Trappl 李夏德 (Austria 奧地利), Director Confucius Institute at Vienna University, Austria 奧地利維也納大學孔子學院
Harro von Senger 勝雅律 (Schweiz 瑞士), University Freiburg
Zhou Wenye 周文曄 (Peking/China 中國北京) 
You Tianwei 游天蔚 (Nanking/China 中國南京) (mobile +86 137 7666 1766)