CFP: The Korean Peninsula – A Multidisciplinary Perspective. International Symposium June 21-22, 2023 The Bar-Ilan University (hybrid)

Alexander Bukh Discussion

Last year (2022) the Korean Studies conference commemorated 60 years of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Korea and some Middle Eastern countries, including Israel. This year, the conference’s focus will be on the Korean Peninsula from a multidisciplinary perspective.

The security threat from the North that South Korea is dealing with,  considered to be a major topic in the field of Korean Studies in Israel for many years. To broaden the discussion, the 2023 Korean conference will include other challenges and themes that both Koreas face, including (but not limited):

  1. The demographical challenges, solutions, and obstacles South Korea faces in the last few years. Is it an obstacle at all?
  2. The economic policy. How should the government, financial and industrial sectors adapt to the new global changes? What is the role of China in these economic changes?
  3. Cultural aspects. President Yoon Suk-yeol declared that he will invest three billion dollars in South Korean culture. How should Korea balance its investments in culture? Should we change our soft power perspective in the coming years?
  4. Historical preservation. What efforts and aspects of preservation are taking place in contemporary Korea? How should Korea's historical assets be presented to the public?
  5. The security challenges. The new North Korean drone incident and the debate on how South Korea should develop its own nuclear capabilities, raise questions about South Korea's defense policy.
  6. The influence of populism in the Korean political arena. Political discourse, and the use of social media.
  7. Historical narratives between Korea and its neighbors.

Asian Studies at Bar-Ilan University invite scholars from the humanities and the social sciences to discuss these issues. To offer new perspectives on these issues, and or other relevant themes that concern Korea (North and South). We will also invite comparison discussion between Korea and other global cases.

Individual presenters may submit an abstract of 300 words and a one-paragraph short CV. For panel proposals, please submit a one-page proposal and a short CV of the speakers.  Email the information or if you have any questions to Dr. Alon Levkowitz ( by April 1, 2023.

Successful applicants will be notified by April 15, 2023.

On the evening of June 21st, we will host an opening dinner for all participants. Conformation of attendance is required. The conference panels will take place on June 22 at the Bar-Ilan University campus.

Participants are required to secure their own travel and accommodation arrangements. Limited hotel rooms will be offered for overseas participants. If you wish to be granted accommodation, please mention it in your proposal.  Conference Organizers: Dr. Alon Levkowitz and Dr. Michal Zelcer-Lavid, Asian Studies, Bar-Ilan University.

For questions regarding the conference, please contact Dr. Alon Levkowitz

This conference is supported by the 2022 Korean Studies Seed Program of the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS-2022-INC-2230013) and the Dangoor Centre.