Call for book reviewers on East Asian Integration February 2023

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Dear readers,

the field of Asian bilateral and multilateral integration is ever increasing, and so is the academic output in the field.

The East Asian Integration Book Review section at the East Asia Center, University of Applied Sciences Zwickau, Germany, extends this invitation for scholars and practitioners to review books for our website on East Asian economic integration. If you are interested in reviewing books for, please send an e-mail message mentioning “book reviews” as well as the title(s), you want to review, with a short biographical note and a specification of your area of interest to Prof. Dr. Bernhard Seliger (

Currently, the following books are available for review:

  1. Competing Visions of Japan’s Relations with Southeast Asia, 1938-1960, Heiko Lang, Ed.: W. Seifert, Nomos Publishing, (2020), Baden-Baden.
  2.  Yuqing Xing, Decoding China’s Export Miracle: A Global Value Chain Analysis (2021), $48
  3. Tommy Koh, Hernaikh Singh, Moe Thuzar, ‘ASEAN and India The Way Forward’ (2023), $48
  4. Xugang Yu, Mario Tettamanti, Cristiano Rizzi, ‘China-US Trade Frictions Shaping New Equilibriums with the EU and the US, Towards a New multirealism or Tripolarism’ (2021) $138
  5. Yumi Kitaamura, Alan H Yang, Ju Lan Thung ‘When East Asia Meets Southeast Asia Presence and Connectedness in Transformation Revisited’, (2023) $ 148
  6. Shu-Mei Huang, Hyun Kyung Lee, Edward Vickers Frontiers of Memory in the Asia-Pacific. Difficult Heritage and the Transnational Politics of Postcolonial Nationalism’ (2023) $83

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