Webinar: WeChat Ethnography

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Dear Colleagues,

The second part of the webinar "WeChat Ethnography : New Practices and Limits of an Emerging Research Method" at the University of Geneva will take place on February 9-10, 2023. I copy and paste the  program below. 

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Thursday, Febuary 9 

 9:30-10:00 : To Face the Coming of An Era of WeChat Ethnography – An Awarness of Anthropologists on the Cultural Transformation in the World - Xudong Zhao (Renmin University)  

10:00-10:30 : Digital ethnographers as a (perhaps) forgotten guest: the case of a teacher-student chat during Covid-19 lockdown in China  - Michela Bonato (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice) 

10:50-11:20 : Beyond Quanzi: Digital Production of Queer Sociality and Spaces in Shanghai - Jiannan Shi (Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge)  

11:20-11:50 : Between the “Virtual” and the “Real”: Benefits and Challenges of Using WeChat to Research Chinese Queer Sojourners in France - Cai Chen (Université Libre de Bruxelles)  

13:30-14:00 : Applying WeChat Ethnography to politically sensitive topics - Yue Wang (Tampere University)

14:00-14:30 : Handling Online Intimacy: Some Methodological Uses and Limits of Islam-Related WeChat Groups in China - Pascale Bugnon (HES-SO/Confucius Institute, University of Geneva) 

14:30-15:00 : Researching Nomadism and Ritual Practices in Peripheral China through WeChat Ethnography - Aurore Dumont (Groupe Sociétés, Religions, Laïcité – GSRL) 

15:20-15:50 : Space Modalities of Chinese Academies in Contemporary China and the Implications for Modern Society - Jie Shu (Université Paris Cité, Institut Français de Recherche sur l'Asie et l'Est (IFRAE)) 

15:50-16:20 : Studying Mobility without Moving: Pandemic-Era China Research and Social Media - Tami Blumenfield (University of New Mexico & Yunnan University)  

Friday, Febuary 10 

 9:30-10:00 : Building A WeChat Group: Smart Phone Use and Elders’ Community among China’s Migrant Grandparents - Min Zhang (School of Ethnology and Sociology, Minzu University)  

10:00-10:30:  Coming of Social Media and Transformations of Long-distance intimacies : A WeChat Ethnography in China - Ting He (Renmin University) 

11:00-11:45 : Re-constructing Transnational Relationships in Cyberspace : Employing WeChat to Mediate Qingtian (青田) as a 侨乡(qiaoxiang, sending area) - Mette Thunø (Department of Global Studies, Aarhus University) & Yiwen Wang (Aarhus University/University of Amsterdam)  

13:30-14:15 : Evaluation of Fully Automated Translation in Social Media: An Ethnologic Study of WeChat - Haina Jin (Communication University of China) & Zhiyan Li (Communication University of China)

14:15-14:45 : Is WeChat a Feasible Tool for Conducting China-based Ethnographic Research Under the Platform’s Censorship? - Ningjie Zhu (Center for Advanced Security, Strategic and Integration Studies, University of Bonn)  

Zoom link: https://unige.zoom.us/j/67006842591?pwd=MTdyMDFvMG5BVmRHTTFzYUpNMGc1Zz09  

Meeting ID: 670 0684 2591 Secret code: 915747 

Contacts: Yali Chen: yali.chen@unige.ch , Pascale Bugnon: pascale.bugnon@unige.ch  

Web https://www.unige.ch/ic/actualites/wechat-ethnography/


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