TOC International Journal of Asian Studies, vol 20, issue 1 (2023)

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Research Articles

  • The making of a littoral minzu: The Dan in late Qing–Republican intellectual writings

Gary Chi-hung Luk (pp. 1-17)

  • The Real Manchurian Candidates: Chinese war criminals in the postwar, prisoners of history

Barak Kushner (pp. 19-37)

  • Manchukuo voices: re-interpreting a monumental space in Northeast China (1932–1945)

Yuting Dong 钰婷 (pp. 39-56)

  • A “K” to bridge Korea and the world: the state-led formulation of K-lit and its contradictions

Bo-Seon Shim (pp. 57-76)

  • The popularity of the light comedy during the late era of Kim Jong-il

Jae-Beom Hong, Seung-Moo Paik, Seong-Kwan Cho (pp. 77-89)

  • Beyond “imagined” nostalgia: Gunsan's heritagization of Japanese colonial architecture in South Korea

Hyun Kyung Lee (pp. 91-113)

  • Nexus of self-organization: the expansion of collective responsibility networks among boatmen in nineteenth-century Chongqing

Yiying Pan (pp. 115-136)

  • Hong Kong breaking into the international league: Cathay Pacific's extension to long-haul routes, 1970s–1980s

John D. Wong (pp. 137-156)

  • From bandit nests to Sakura orchards: colonial rule, press images, and the stating of Taiwan's Northern Mountains, 1896–1908

Daniel Mark McMahon (pp. 157-171)

  • Anglo–Vietnamese diplomatic relationship in the seventeenth century: the case of the English East India Company

Ngoc Dung Tran(pp. 173-191)


Perspectives on Asia

  • Silence is golden? Silences as strategic narratives in Central Asian states' response to the Ukrainian crisis

Timur Dadabaev, Shigeto Sonoda (pp. 193-215)

  • India and the pandemic: democratic governance at crossroads

Sujay Ghosh (pp. 217-236)


Book Reviews