TOC The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology vol. 24, issue 1 (February 2023)

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A High Price to Pay: Weddings and Waithood in Cambodia

Jennifer Estes


Labour of Devotion: Material Construction and Charisma of Saintly Monks in the Myanmar–Thai Border Region

Yoko Hayami


Beauty for Development? Betel Aesthetics and Socioeconomic Stability in Urban Solomon Islands

Stephanie Ketterer Hobbis & Geoffrey Hobbis


Child-Soldiering: A Nuanced View Through the Eyes of a Gorkha Youth in Kachin State, Myanmar

Gareth Davey



The Diasporic Condition: Ethnographic Explorations of the Lebanese in the World

Ghassan Hage

(Kirin Narayan)


Jungle Passports: Fences, Mobility, and Citizenship at the Northeast India-Bangladesh Border

Malini Sur 

(Remeen Firoz)


War and the Arc of the Human Experience

Glenn Petersen

(David Lipset)


A Mass Conspiracy to Feed People: Food Not Bombs and the World-class Waste of Global Cities

David Boarder Giles 

(Benjamin Wyatt)



Death of the One Who Knows

Dana Rappoport

(Tanisha Jowsey)



Alexandre Berman and Olivier Pollet

(David Lipset)