TOC The World of the Orient, No. 4 (2022)

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The World of the Orient, 2022, No. 4 (Special Indological issue) has out. This issue was originally published on the website of A. Yu. Krymskyi Institute of Oriental Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the full articles are available at:

What is Sanskrit? / Translation from Russian, Introductory Article and Commentaries by D. Burba

 Pavlo Ritter; Dmytro Burba

Pavlo Ritter (1872–1939) on German-Language Philosophers, Linguists and Orientalists

 Volodymyr Abaschnik

Pavlo Hryhorovych Ritter – the Editor of the Kharkiv Newspaper Utro (1906–1909)

 Andrii  Domanovskyi, Maryna Domanovska

The Dhammapada in Pavlo Ritter’s Translation

 Anastasia Strelkova

The Role of Okakura Tenshin in the Development of Dialogue between the Cultures of India and Japan

 Sergiy Kapranov

Nepalese Sacred Space in Premodern and Early Modern Hindu-Buddhist Context: One of India’s desa and Independent punya bhumi

 Dmytro Markov

The Impact of Indian National Congress on the Institutionalization of the Indian Party System in 1947–1989

 Olha Morgunyuk

Determining the Date and the Place of Origin of the Hayaśīrṣa Pañcarātra

 Elisabeth Raddock

The Final Stage of Indologist Stefan Stasiak’s Science and Organization Activity at the Department of Oriental Studies at Lviv University

 Roman Tarnavskyi

Bold and Forthright: Mapping the Evolution of Tirumaḻicai Āḻvār and His Irreverent Voice

 Suganya Anandakichenin

A Pilgrimage to Poetry: Reading Jejuri as a Case of Inter-systemic Literary Reception

 Suchetana Banerjee, Gayatri Mendanha, Ananya Dutta

Of Cows and Gods: Secret Names in the Rigveda

 F. Köhler

“Akālaka”: a Lexical Phantom in Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit

 Charles Li

Daṇḍin’s paspaśa: The influence of the Sanskrit Grammatical Tradition on Sanskrit Poetics

 John Nemec

Eco-Consciousness in Vālmīki-Rāmāyaṇa: An Aesthetical Study of Ecological Integrity and Biodiversity

 P. S. Dwivedi, P. K. Verma

Trade-Economic and Scientific and Technological Cooperation between Ukraine and India at the Beginning of the 21st Century

 Oksana Malynovska, Valentyn Stafiichuk

Reflection of the Social Problems and Cultural Identity of the Adivasi Community in the Works of Jacinta Kerketta

 Yuriy Botvinkin

Shaping and Developments of India’s “Look East” and “Act East” Policy

 Nataliya Gorodnia

From Affirmative into Discriminative: The Miserable Condition of the Indians and Chinese Land Rights in Special Region of Indonesia

 Imam Mustajab

How Vindhyavāsin Turned into Vedavyāsa: Vācaspati Miśra’s Case for Pātāñjala Yoga

 D. Shevchenko

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