TOC: Pacific Affairs, 95, no. 4 (December 2022)

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Announcing the publication of the latest issue of Pacific Affairs (Volume 95, Number 4, December 2022), a special issue dedicated to governance and COVID-19 in Asia.




“Introduction: COVID-19 in Asia: Governance and the Politics of the Pandemic”


By John Harriss (Simon Fraser University) and Hy V. Luong (University of Toronto)


Why was the Pandemic Poorly Managed by the Government of India? A State-in-Society Approach


By John Harriss (Simon Fraser University)


The Politics of Pakistan’s COVID-19 Response: A State-in-Society Approach


By Ayez Qureshi (University of Edinburgh)


“Vietnam’s War against COVID-19”


By Hy V. Luong (University of Toronto)


“Between Surveillance and Freedom: The Techno-Politics in South Korea during the COVID-19 Pandemic”


By Jaeho Kang (Seoul National University)




The issue also includes our generous amount of reviews of recent books and films on the Asia-Pacific region, all available full-text and free at our website above.