2022 ANU Taiwan Update

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Join us for the inaugural 2022 ANU Taiwan Update, hosting four keynote addresses by experts on Taiwan's environment, social change, the semiconductor industry and Taiwan's internal politics on the eve of its local elections. REGISTRATION ESSENTIAL.

Taiwan is featuring with ever greater frequency in Australian discussions surrounding the diplomacy, politics, security, business, and culture of the East Asian region. It is, therefore, an opportune time to launch an annual ANU Taiwan Update under the auspices of the ANU Taiwan Studies Program. Drawing on the best of scholarship on Taiwan from Australia and internationally, including from Taiwan itself, the Update will present informed and authoritative information and analysis on where Taiwan is situated in 2022, including in relation to its great neighbour across the Strait.

This year’s update begins on the evening of Monday 28 November with an in-person and online panel discussion on the current state of cross-strait relations, focussing on strategic concerns, on cyber-security and disinformation, and on business. On Tuesday 29 November, four keynote addresses will be presented by experts from Taiwan and the UK on Taiwanese environmental literature, major social changes since 2000, internal politics and the local elections — which will be held just before the Update — and on the Taiwanese semi-conductor industry. Together these presentations will grant participants in the Update a uniquely well-informed view of where Taiwan stands today and what lies ahead.

The ANU Taiwan Studies program is supported by the Republic of China Ministry of Education and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Canberra.