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I'm happy to announce that my monograph Xinjiang -- China and the Uyghurs which was published in German in 2021 (Würzburg University Press) is now also available in French. Both editions are open access. Below you find the bibliographical details, download links and tables of content  in both languages.


While there has been an outpouring of excellent research monographs on the region from various discipinary angles over the last couple of years, these are almost exclusively published in English. The goal of my book, thus, is to make the "state-of-the-field" known to readers who prefer other languages. Part 1 recounts the complex history of the region with a focus on the Qing Dynasty and the 20th century. In the second part I examine the socioeconomic development and identity politics of Uyghurs in Xinjiang, bringing together statistical and economic analyzes with anthropological and sociological studies. The final Part 3 is devoted to the current Xinjiang conflict, the politics of resistance and "counterterrorism", "de-extremification" and "reeducation". Here, I critically review the available evidence regarding the accusations of massive human rights violations committed by Chinese state actors in Xinjiang. I conclude that what is going on can justifiably be called a "cultural genocide". The book closes with a chapter on the international political dimension of this conflict.

While this is entirely a desk study (fieldwork in Xinjiang being imposible at the time of writing), it draws on a wide array of sources, including Chinese documents, academic publications and statistics. I hope that my attempt at a balanced overview of the subject will prove helpful for researchers, students and the general public in grasping the complexities of the current situation of Xinjiang and its inhabitants.


Björn Alpermann, Le Xinjiang – la Chine et les Ouïghours

Würzburg: Würzburg University Press, 2022. X, 251 pp. ISBN: 978-3-95826-190-7



            Liste des cartes et figures

Liste des abréviations


1          Introduction

I           Histoire du Xinjiang : un aperçu

2          La dynastie Qing : 1644–1911

3          La République : 1912–1949

4          L’ère de Mao : 1949–1978

5          Une période de réformes et d’ouverture : les années 1980 et 1990

II          Économie et société au XXIe siècle

6          Évolutions socio-économiques

7          Identité ethnique, langue et politique éducative

8          Identité ethnique et religion, identité ethnique et musique

III         Le conflit du Xinjiang

9          Protestations, terrorisme, Securitization : 2000–2015

10        Répression et génocide culturel

11        La dimension internationale

12        Conclusion


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Björn Alpermann, Xinjiang - China und die Uiguren

Würzburg, Würzburg University Press, 2021. VI, 262 pp. ISBN: 978-3-95826-162-4






1          Einführung

Teil I:   Geschichte Xinjiangs im Überblick

2          Die Qing-Dynastie, 1644–1911

3          Die Republikzeit, 1912–1949

4          Die Mao-Ära, 1949–1978

5          Reform- und Öffnungsperiode, 1980er und 1990er Jahre

Teil II:  Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft im 21. Jahrhundert

6          Sozioökonomische Entwicklungen

7          Ethnische Identität, Sprache und Bildungspolitik

8          Ethnische Identität in Religion und Musik

Teil III: Der Xinjiang-Konflikt

9          Proteste, Terrorismus, Securitization, 2000–2015

10        Repression und kultureller Genozid

11        Die internationale Dimension

12        Schlussbetrachtung


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