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Hi everyone,

I’m writing to announce the publication of Chinese Satire: Sources and Quotations. Oxford, OH: Hermit Studio, 128 pp., hard cover, ISBN: 979-8987005545.

This resource was compiled for a course in Chinese satire at Miami University. Meanwhile, other readers interested in China or satire may also find it useful. The quotations were selected from my larger collection, Deflating Human Beings: Sources and Quotations from Around the World, 4 vols. The new appendix (37% of the book) includes the sources I’ve saved over the years as well as most of those introduced in sixteen histories of and reference works in Chinese literature in English (including in translation). If a Chinese text is available online, a link is given (some texts in classical Chinese carry a baihua translation; many have annotations); if not, a WorldCat page link to the most libraries carrying the item is provided. An English translation, if available, is also given.

About the compiler-cum-editor:

For a long time I prided myself on having lived a simple life, mistaking my disposition for a virtue. Pretty pathetic for a philosopher.

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Xiuwu R. Liu, Miami University

"The new appendix": it's more accurate to say "The new material."

Hi there
I am particularly interested in the interaction of "honor" and "humiliation." Given your China associations I am pretty certain that you have the latter in your books somewhere. Honor perhaps not. Regardless I am wondering which volume I should purchase to have access to anything you include about humiliation.

Hi Helena,
I don’t know anything about the interaction of honor and humiliation. As for which volume of Deflating Human Beings has material on the latter, I looked it up for you. Volume 1 has 9 quotes on humiliation, volume 2 has 4, volume 3 has 7 and volume 4 has 3. Since the coverage is global, most are not related to China. Interestingly, “honor” has 221 mentions scattered through the 4 volumes, including its cognates but excluding “Your Honor.” Unfortunately, only volume 1 has two indexes (author and subject): my eyes were in so much pain that I decided to publish volumes 2 through 4 w/o indexes. You may already know this: Kindle ebooks allow the reader to search inside a book. (I’ve depublished the old paperback version and not republished the corrected version in paperbacks in order to save 4 ISBNs.) If you have any other questions, just email me directly at