Call for Abstract | Special Issue of Sociological Inquiry “Transculturality of Anti-Asian Racism”

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Call for Abstract

Special Issue of Sociological Inquiry
“Transculturality of Anti-Asian Racism”

Guest Editors: Zhifan Luo, Xiao Alvin Yang, and Muyang Li

Anti-Asian racism is transcultural in the sense that its formation and perpetuation—and reactions to it—cannot be understood without transcending the boundaries of cultural contexts. Locally, anti-Asian racism is shaped by the unique culture and history of interracial relationships in the national and subnational communities. Globally, it is a product of centuries of colonialism and Euro-American-centrism, which have influenced and continue to influence the experiences of people of Asian descent worldwide. The global rise of anti-Asian racism during the COVID-19 pandemic further demonstrates the need for an investigation that can speak to the interactions between and beyond cultural contexts.

In the special issue, we invite proposals for both empirical and theoretical papers that address the transcultural dimension of global anti-Asian racism. We welcome proposals using established and innovative methods. Potential contributions might include but are not limited to:

  • Migration and anti-Asian racism
  • Nationalism, populism, polarization, and anti-Asian racism
  • Formation and transformation of Asian identities in response to anti-Asian racism
  • White supremacy, (neo)colonialism, and anti-Asian racism
  • Anti-Asian racism in the age of digital media
  • Anti-Asian racism as compared to anti-Black/anti-Brown racism
  • Activism against anti-Asian racism across cultures
  • Pandemic and anti-Asian racism in the global age
  • Intersectionality and anti-Asian racism

Based on initial abstract submissions, we will invite full papers that will follow the framework of the special issue and work together to form a coherent issue. All submitted papers will undergo Sociological Inquiry’s peer-review procedure.

Please submit an extended abstract of 500-750 wor ds that clearly articulates the project (e.g., research question(s), theory, data, method, findings) and also provide a clear argument with reference to sources as to how your work advances the understanding of anti-Asian racism as a transcultural phenomenon by October 14, 2022, to Dr. Zhifan Luo ( Authors will be notified by October 31, 2022, if they are invited to submit a full manuscript. Full manuscripts should be submitted around February 2023 upon further notification. We welcome contributions from interdisciplinary as well as sociological backgrounds. Scholarship that adopts a transcultural perspective that focuses on global entanglements of anti-Asian racism is especially encouraged.s