Position, Fellowship, History of Mongol Eurasia, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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For full details, see https://www.h-net.org/jobs/job_display.php?id=52435

The European Research Council (ERC)  project   Mobility, Empire and Cross-Cultural Contacts in Mongol Eurasia at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is offering  Post-Docs, PhDs and Visiting PhD's fellowships beginning in  October 2016-17 for outstanding candidates fluent in Chinese, Arabic and Persian (at least one of the above) and with a sound knowledge of the history of the Mongol Empire.

For details about the fellowships (eligibility, value etc.) please visit http://mongol.huji.ac.il/fellowships-and-funding-opportunities

Posting Date: 01/11/2016
Closing Date 04/10/2016