TOC Journal of American-East Asian Relations

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James I. Matray, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of American-East Asian Relations, announces the printing/posting of issue 29, number 2, 2022, a theme issue titled “A Guide to Research on World War ii in East Asia: Primary
Sources in the British Commonwealth, China, and Japan.”

Editor's Note

James I. Matray


Introduction-"Archival Agility:  Some Preliminary Observations"

Peter Mauch

"British Commonwealth Archives from Far North t oDistant South:  Neglected Resources for Cold War International History"

Priscilla Roberts

"Chinese Documentary Source Materials Relating to World War II"

Aaron William Moore

"Japanese Primary Sources Relating to World War II:  Post-Cold War Developments"

Kazufumi Hamai and Peter Mauch

Research Note

"Emperor Hirohito’s Post-Surrender Reflections"

Peter Mauch