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Dear colleagues,

I am happy to announce that my book Beyond Caste: Identity and Power in South Asia, Past and Present, originally published in a relatively expensive edition by E.J. Brill is now available Open Access under Creative Commons license.

 Beyond Caste – Identity and Power in South Asia, Past and Present | Brill

The Table of Contents is excerpted below:

Introduction: Governing Caste -- the Study of State Power and Ethnic Rank in South Asia

1 The Birth of Caste

2 Territorial Power: The Spatial Dimension of Social Organization

3 The Political Economy of Village Life

4 A Locus of Sociopolitical Organization: The Household

5 Ruling, Identifying, and Counting: Knowledge and Power in Eighteenth-Century India

6 Empires, Nations and the Politics of Ethnic Identity, c.1800-2000