Call for Panelists on Welfare/Social Policy for first World Congress of the Society for Global Nineteenth-Century Studies

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I am looking to form a panel for the Society for Global Nineteenth-Century Studies' first World Congress in Singapore from 19 to 22 June 2023. The theme is "Comparative Empire: Conflict, Competition, and Cooperation, 1750 - 1914.

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I hope to present a paper discussing the beginnings of colonial social policy in British Malaya, looking at institutions overseeing labour, migration and healthcare - and connecting those to the intellectual milieu in metropolitan Europe and strategic imperial policy that was confirmed by the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885. I am hoping to get another 2-3 papers discussing any aspect of social welfare developments and more broadly, the evolution of colonial social policy in the European and/or American colonies during the late 19th century (up to the early 20th century). The preference is a focus on colonial Southeast Asia, i.e. papers covering Dutch East Indies, French Indochina, British Burma or American Philippines, but suggestions from other imperial territories sharing similar approaches to social policy are most welcomed.

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Much thanks!

Ho Chi Tim
Lecturer, Singapore University of Social Sciences