TOC Journal of Korean Religions, Volume 8, Number 2, 2017

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Dear Colleagues, I wanted to bring your attention to the new special issue of The Journal of Korean Religions on “Religion and Media in Korea.”



Table of Contents

Guest Editors' Introduction: Religion and Media:: No Longer a Blindspot in Korean Academia

pp. 5-10
Jin Kyu Park, Kyuhoon Cho, Sam Han

A History of Religious Broadcasting in Korea from a Religious Politics Standpoint:: Focusing on the Period of a Protestant Broadcasting Monopoly

pp. 11-31
Sungmin Lee

The Role of Newspapers in the Early Korean Protestant Community:: An Analysis of The Korean Christian Advocate and The Christian News

pp. 33-60
Minjung Noh

Religion in the Press:: The Construction of Religion in the Korean News Media

pp. 61-89
Kyuhoon Cho

The Culture-Religion Nexus:: (Neo-)Durkheimianism and Mediatized Confucianism in Korean "Piety Travel"

pp. 91-116
Sam Han


Authenticity, Brand Culture, and Templestay in the Digital Era:: The Ambivalence and In-Betweenness of Korean Buddhism

pp. 117-146

Seung Soo Kim