H-Asia is Recruiting Review Editors

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Book reviews are an integral part of the agenda on all H-Net networks and have been a very important part of H-Asia.
To continue this, H-Asia wants to grow the team of review editors - so we are looking for YOU!

The brief:
"Review Editors commission and edit reviews of scholarship in print or other media for specific networks. Review Editors must have strong field qualifications in the subject covered by the networks; collaborate with reviewers and other editors and H-Net staff by email in a timely fashion; and use H-Net's online Reviews Management System to assign, edit, and publish reviews. H-Net provides training on H-Net's Standards and Guidelines for Reviewing and in the use of the Reviews Management System. Because H-Net Reviews editing offices and staff are located in the United States, Review Editors must be able to communicate and edit in English. See H-Net's Review Guidelines and Standards for more about H-Net Reviews". (See full description: https://networks.h-net.org/h-net-review-editors).

We would like to bring on scholars with some publication experience, preferably one book at least, and who have a good working knowledge of their field(s).

We are looking for candidates specializing in
- East Asia
- South Asia
- Central Asia
- Southeast Asia
- Northeast Asia and/or
- Inter Asia.

For details on procedures joining the team of H-Asia, see https://networks.h-net.org/node/152006/pages/4759087/recruitment-central.

If you consider volunteering, please get in touch with Bradley Camp Davis (review editor) or Monika Lehner (editor) or write to editorial-asia@mail.h-net.org,

Monika Lehner
University of Vienna
H-Net, Council member
H-Asia, editor