Rethinking the Gambling City: Challenges in Macau History

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Rethinking the Gambling City: Challenges in Macau History
An International Workshop organized by the History Department, University of Macau
21st October 2022
As an area of academic study, Macau history has been fragmented and isolated from broader academic discussions. The efforts of scholars and researchers from different disciplines writing independently in the English, Chinese, and Portuguese languages have further resulted in a lack of dialogue between researchers. This one-day workshop aims to address these and other issues by inviting scholars, researchers, and postgraduate students working on Macau history to come together and discuss the challenges they face in the process of rethinking the city’s narratives. The intention of the workshop is to encourage more dialogue between differing strands of Macau history and consider potential solutions to the marginalization that many scholars of Macau face by making Macau and its history the focus of discussion. If you’re interested, please submit an abstract of 250 words or less and a brief biography to Catherine Chan ( or Nathan Kwan ( by 15 July, 2022.
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