H-Net reviews posted to the H-Net Commons 29 Jun 2020 - 06 Jul 2020

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The following Asia-related reviews were posted to the H-Net Commons between
29 Jun 2020 and 06 Jul 2020.

Reviewed for H-Asia by Wynn Gadkar-Wilcox
   Tran, Nhung Tuyet.  _Familial Properties: Gender, State, and
   Society in Early Modern Vietnam, 1463–1778_.  Honolulu:

Asian Medicine and COVID-19

The International Association for the Study of Traditional Asian Medicine (IASTAM: http://iastam.org/) will be hosting a series of webinars with the overall title:

The 'pan' of pandemics: why and how do Asian approaches matter?

The first webinar will take place on Wednesday, July 8th 2020, 3:00PM Central European time (London 2:00PM, New Delhi 6:30PM, Beijing 9:00PM, New York 9:00AM)



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