New H-Net Profiles and more

H-Net Vice President of Networks Caroline Waldron                                  (Term Jan '22-Dec '24)'s picture


H-Net is happy to announce a few new features. 

Your Profile on H-Net now has a field for Dissertations and Theses in progress. H-Net Profiles are searchable by name, email, and interest, and people do look so we encourage you to fill in your profile. 

There is also a space on the profile to indicate interest in contributing to an H-Net network in a variety of capacities: blogging, book reviewing, editing, writing, and so on.

We’ve created a New Book Announcement form New Books announced in this way will be channelled into H-Net’s Book Channel. You are still welcome to post an announcement directly to this network. 

More on the latest happenings around H-Net can be found in the latest installment of H-Net This Week.

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