Breaking History podcast- Episode 27: Centenary of World War One Armistice Roundtable

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Breaking History: A World History Podcast
Episode 27: Centenary of World War One Armistice Roundtable

Join Bridget, Dan, James, Jamie, Matt, and Thanasis as we discuss the legacies of World War One, as the centenary of the First World War's end of the war armistice is marked on the publishing day of this episode.

We discuss issues of public memories of masculinity, propaganda, world vs the European war, how the war is remembered differently in different places. We look to how the war was used by political movements to shift memories for their own purposes, such as the "stabbed in the back" myth by the Nazis, and how shame was used to frame the war. We discuss the possibilities after the war that quickly go awry, especially in how the Ottoman Empire is carved up and the limits of "making the world safe for democracy" when dealing with colonial empires. Who gets included in citizenship after the war and who doesn't? How do the empires of Europe begin to crumble in the ashes of war, as subject people take the opportunity to push back?

How should Armistice Day be remembered? We remember the veterans but what about the mutinies that end the war? We discuss how narrow the definition of veteran has been, and how gender lines are drawn. We do some comparisons of Armistice Day vs Veterans Day in the UK vs US. We talk about the poppy, and the consequences of war globally!

Picture: 369th Infantry (Colored): the "Harlem Hellfighters", who fought under French command because General Pershing refused to have them in the American forces.

Books mentioned that the listener may want to pick up in order to know all the good points we brought up:

The Wilsonian Moment: Self Determination and the International Origins of Anticolonial Nationalism
by Erez Manela

A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall Of The Ottoman Empire And The Creation Of The Modern Middle East
by David Fromkin

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Producers and Sound Editors: Matt Bowser, Cassie Cloutier, and Dan Squizzero
Theme Music: Kieran Legg

Today's hosts were: Matt Bowser, Bridget Keown, Thanasis Kinias, Jamie Parker, James Robinson, Dan Squizzero