Judith McCulloh, 1935-2014

In the late-1980s, Judith McCulloh, while working a book exhibit at a national conference, took the time to talk with an anonymous and unsophisticated history student preparing to embark on his doctoral studies. The meeting was a chance one; nevertheless, she listened patiently and attentively as he rambled on about his research interests.

CFP: Kansas City’s Golden Age? 1918-1941

The Kansas City Public Library and the History Department at the University of Missouri–Kansas City seek papers to be presented at a public conference in the spring of 2016. The conference will explore the rich history of Kansas City in the interwar period of 1918-1941, which has been characterized as an exciting period of growth, development, and cultural fluorescence — Kansas City’s “Golden Age”— even in the midst of rampant public corruption, economic depression, and strained relations among the races and sexes.

The World Cup on H-Net

We are happy to introduce the Commons Crossroads, a new kind of network for content delivered from all H-Net Networks around a single topic, representing the intersection of scholarship and thinking from across our many fields. Our first multi-network topic: The World Cup!


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