H-Southern-Music Decommissioned

H-Net Vice President of Networks Caroline Waldron                                  (Term Jan '22-Dec '24)'s picture

On November 22, 2015 H-Net Council passed a resolution to decommission H-Southern-Music. Rather than maintaining several small networks focussing on discreet portions of Southern Studies, H-Net Council decided instead to focus efforts on reviving a single and much larger network, H-South. If you do not subscribe to H-South, we encourage you to do so. The resources on H-Southern-Music will be moved to H-South.

H-Net wants to insure the interests of H-Southern-Music are met on H-South. To this end, you are encouraged to consider becoming an editor or regular contributor to H-South and develop features, podcasts, book reviews, resources, or in other ways. If you are interested in helping grow H-South as valuable resource to, and prominent voice and space within, Southern Studies, please contact Patrick Cox, H-Net’s Vice-President for Networks, at vp-net@mail.h-net.msu.edu.

Questions about the decommissioning of H-Southern-Music can be sent to Patrick Cox at vp-net@mail.h-net.msu.edu