Presentation on Key issues in Banjo History from the Annual Banjo Gathering

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My presentation on key issues in Banjo History from the 18th Annual Banjo Gathering (formerly called the Banjo Collectors Gathering) in Baltimore October 30, 2015.  The banjo collectors gathering is the central event in discussion of banjo history.
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Those of us working on Banjo history which has a direct relationship with Southern sudies,  African American studies, African studies, Caribbean studies, seek the engagement and involvement of the broader scholarly community.  Indeed, my engagment with H-Net's Southern Music list over the years has opened up some advances not only for me, but for other scholars and initiatives in Banjo Roots research and Banjo history. 

So we all owe a special thanks to this list for what you have done.     Please direct responses and queries to me and they will reach the broader community working on banjo origins, banjo history, and African American banjo playing.



                  Tony Thomas,  MFA