Call for Music Journalists & Critics

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I am a new member of the H-Net Southern Music discussion list and I wanted to formally introduce myself and my company, The History Press. We are a traditional publisher that focuses on local and regional history and culture books by local authors. We handle all aspects of the publishing process from financial, editorial, design, and production to sales, marketing, and distribution. We compensate our authors with royalties. We are not a vanity press, therefore we do not require financing for our publications.

Music journalists know that there is always a story behind a song, musician, and musical tradition. We want to document, preserve, and share those stories with local and regional communities.  

To see the music history books that we have published, visit:

As the commissioning editor for Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, West Virginia, Louisiana, and Arkansas, I invite other members of this list to reach out to me about possible book ideas or manuscripts.

Please feel free to email me at:


Candice Lawrence

Commissioning Editor

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