Latest Open Access Volume of Religion and Society (Vol. 12)

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The latest Open Access volume of Religion and Society has published. This volume is focused on horizons, imaginaries, and lenses of legibility.


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Volume 12



Place, Horizon, and Imaginary

Sondra L. Hausner and Simon Coleman


I. Portrait: Diana L. Eck

Portrait: Diana L. Eck

Diana L. Eck, John Stratton Hawley, Rahul Mehrotra, and Sondra L. Hausner


II. Rappaport Lecture

Beyond the Human Horizon

Amira Mittermaier


III. Articles

State Legibility and Mind Legibility in the Original Political Society

Natalia Buitron and Hans Steinmüller


Critical Thin: Haunting Sufis and the Also-Here of Migration in Berlin

Omar Kasmani


Totemic Outsiders: Ontological Transformation among the Makushi

James Andrew Whitaker


The Christian Right and Refugee Rights: The Border Politics of Anti-communism and Anti-discrimination in South Korea

Angie Heo


How the Bible Works: Russian Baptist Faith as Text

Igor Mikeshin


IV. Teaching

How to Conceptualize an Introductory Course on the Academic Study of Religion: Systematic Reflections and Exemplary Answers

Johannes Quack


V. Special Section: Reimagining Sharedness

Introduction: Communities Reimagining Sharedness in Belief and Practice

Sarah Hillewaert and Chantal Tetreault


Labor and Religious Tolerance in Two Senegalese Daaras

Laura L. Cochrane


Speaking in Celestial Signs: The Language of Western Astrology and the (Tenuous) Bonds of Occult Sociality

Omri Elisha


Discourses, Bodies, and Questions of Sharedness in Kenya’s Wellness Communities

Sarah M. Hillewaert


Wrestling with Tradition: Reconstructing Jewish Community through Negotiating Shared Purpose

Chantal Tetreault


Sharedness as Belonging: Hospitality, Inclusion, and Equality among the Layene of Senegal

Emily Jenan Riley



Ayala Fader


VI. Reviews


Javier Jiménez-Royo, Josh Bullock, Maïa Guillot, Caleb Carter, Evgenia Fotiou, Anna Clot-Garrell, Essi Mäkelä, Andrés Felipe Agudelo, Diana Espírito Santo, Kristina Wirtz, Joana Martins, Jon Bialecki, Joel Robbins, Richard Baxstrom, and Victor Roudometof


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