Conference: Association for the Study of Nationalities (May 5-8, 2021)

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Dear SAE members,

The annual conference of the Association for the Study of Nationalities will take place between May 5-8, 2021 (on Zoom). The following selection of panels feature anthropologists working in/on Europe, as well as other research topics of potential interests to the SAE members.

You can find the full schedule of the conference here:

Selection of ASN 2021 panels of potential interest to anthropologists working in Europe:


PANEL BK11 Memories of Victory and Defeat in Croatia and Serbia 
WEDNESDAY MAY 5 // Session II // 10.00
CHAIR Mila Dragojević (U of the South, US) 
Jelena Đureinović (U of Vienna, Austria)/Marching the Victorious March: Populism and Memory Appropriation of the Yugoslav Partisans in Today’s Serbia 
Gruia Bădescu (U of Konstanz, Germany) Materialities of Bitterness: Ruins, Reconstructions and Narratives of Victory and Defeat 
Sven Milekić (Maynooth U, Ireland) /The Myth of a Good King: Franjo Tuđman and King Aleksandar in Veterans’ Eyes 
Ana Ljubojević (U of Graz, Austria) /Contested Narratives of Bleiburg in the Context of World War II Remembrance in Croatia 
DISCUSSANT Nikolina Židek (U of Madrid, Spain) 

PANEL EU3 Gender Dynamics in Central Asia 
WEDNESDAY MAY 5 // Session II // 10.00-11.30
CHAIR Hélène Thibault (Nazarbayev U, Kazakhstan) 
Jasmin Dall’Agnola (Oxford Brookes U, UK) The World Values Survey Findings Put to the Test of Qualitative Inquiry: Information/Communication Technologies and Gender Roles in Kazakhstan 
Aruzhan Sagadiyeva (Nazarbayev U, Kazakhstan) in the Authoritarian States: The Case of Polygyny in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan Shahnoza Nozimova (George Mason U, US) /Imagined Women: Bearing, Rearing and Wearing the Tajik Nation 
Zulaikho Usmonova (Institute of Philosophy, Tajikistan) Gender Aspects of “Tanzeem” Cultural Politics in Tajikistan 
DISCUSSANT Michele Commercio (U of Vermont, US) 

PANEL TH2 Gender Transitions Multidisciplinary Perspectives after Three Decades
WEDNESDAY MAY 5 // Session II // 10.00-11.30 AM EST
CHAIR Bénédicte Santoire (U of Ottawa, Canada) 
Jill M. Massino (UNC Charlotte, US) Visible Costs of the Market: Women, Employment, and the Family in Post-Socialist Romania 
Sinéad Walsh (Independent Scholar, Ireland) /Hopeful Pessimism: Reconsidering the Impact of Women’s Transnational Activism in Armenia and Azerbaijan 
Janet E. Johnson (Brooklyn College CUNY, US) /The Gendered Ambiguity of the Postcommunist Transitions 
DISCUSSANT Emily Channell-Justice (Harvard U, US) 

PANEL BK7 Populism, Media, and Protest
WEDNESDAY MAY 5 // Session III // 1.30-3.00 PM EST
CHAIR Anastasia Llewellyn (U of Ottawa, Canada) 
Damir Kapidžić (U of Sarajevo, Bosnia) /Autocratic Southeast Europe? The Unfulfilled Democratic Promise of the 2020 Elections 
Ana Jovanovic (U of Bologna, Italy) /Strike While the Iron is Hot: Expansion of Authority in Serbia During the Coronavirus Pandemic 
Marija Ivanović (U of Sarajevo, Bosnia) /Esthetics of Order – Poetics of Resistance: “Pravda za Davida” as New “Distribution of the Sensible”? 
Dejan Guzina (Wilfrid Laurier U, Canada) /Media Populism in Serbia DISCUSSANT Emily Morrison (Queen Mary U of London, UK)

PANEL CE8 The Roma in Central Europe
WEDNESDAY MAY 5 // Session III // 1.30-3.00 PM EST
Julija Sardelic (Victoria U of Wellington, New Zealand) /Autochthony vs. Indigeneity: The Position of Roma in Central Europe from a Global Perspective 
Maria Subert (Hostos Community College CUNY, US) /We Are Not the Same Old Story: The Roma of Hungary, an Outdoor Art Gallery and Communication for Resistance 
Dovile Budryté (Georgia Gwinnett College, US) /From Transnational to Local Remembrance: European Roma Genocide Memory and the Commemoration of Samudaripenin 
Lithuania Svetlusa Surova (Gnarum/BARI-Global Network, Slovakia) /Securitisation and Quarantine of Roma Settlements During the First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Slovakia 
DISCUSSANT Peter Vermeersch (KU Leuven, Belgium)

PANEL CE24 The Criminalization of Historical Research in Poland (ROUNDTABLE )
WEDNESDAY MAY 5 // Session III // 1.30-3.00 PM EST
CHAIR Dominique Arel (U of Ottawa, Canada) 
 Anna Muller (U of Michigan Dearborn, US) Jeffrey Kopstein (UC Irvine, US) SPEAKERS Jan Grabowski (U of Ottawa, Canada) Omer Bartov (Brown U, US) Natalia Aleksiun (Touro College, Germany)

PANEL U1 Book Panel on Jennifer J. Carroll’s Narkomania: Drugs, HIV, and Citizenship in Ukraine (Cornell, 2019)
WEDNESDAY MAY 5 // Session III // 1.30-3.00 PM EST
CHAIR Emily Channell-Justice (Harvard U, US) PARTICIPANTS Alexandra Hrycak (Reed College, US) William Risch (Georgia College, US) Maria Sonevytsky (UC Berkeley, US) Jennifer J. Carroll (Elon U, US)


PANEL CE12 Poland A Decade of PiS, Protest and Opposition (ROUNDTABLE)
THURSDAY MAY 6 // Session IV // 8.00-9.30 AM EST
CHAIR Joshua Tucker (NYU, US) 
Jan Kubik (Rutgers U, US) in Poland: Looking Back and Looking Forward to Understand Socio-Cultural Norms and Rupture 
Marta Kotwas (UCL, UK) /The Rise of Right-Wing Populism in Poland Piotr Goldstein (ZoiS, Germany) /Protest in Poland 2018-2021: From Mass Mobilization to Everyday Activism 
Grzegorz Ekiert (Harvard U, US) /How Has Protest Changed in Poland Since 1989? 
Courtney Blackington (UNC Chapel Hill, US) /Mobilizing Memory: Perceptions of the Communist Transition in Anti-PiS Protests

PANEL CE5 Populism and Authoritarianism in Central Europe 
THURSDAY MAY 6 // Session V // 10.00-11.30 AM EST
CHAIR Zsuzsa Csergo (Queen’s U, Canada) 
Courtney Blackington (UNC Chapel Hill, US) /Partisanship, Populists, and Plane Crashes: Can Populist Partisanship Drive Conspiratorial Beliefs? 
Robert Sata (Central European U, Austria) /Illiberal Populism: A Synergy of Xenophobic Nationalism, Identitarian Religion and Anti-Gender Mobilization? 
Attila Antal (Eötvös Loránd U, Hungary) /Hungary: Constitutionalized Populist Dictatorship 
Valentin Behr (U of Strasbourg, France) Is There a “Populist” Ruling Elite? Insights from Poland 
*co-authored with Andrzej Turkowski (U of Warsaw, Poland) 
DISCUSSANT Lenka Bustikova (Arizona State U, US)

PANEL N8 Everyday Nationalism in the Time of COVID-19 (ROUNDTABLE )
THURSDAY MAY 6 // Session V // 10.00-11.30 AM EST
CHAIR Paul Goode (Carleton U, Canada)
David Stroup (U of Manchester, UK) /“Loathsome Hui Parasites”: Online Islamophobia, and Ethnic Relations in Wuhan during COVID-19 
Elizaveta Gaufman (U of Groningen, Netherlands) /Everyday Foreign Policy: Performing and Consuming the Nation After Crimea 
Tamara Pavasović Trošt (U of Ljubljana, Slovenia) /National Belonging and Ethnicity Narratives During Times of Crisis in the Western Balkans 
Dillon Byrd (U of Toronto, Canada) /Ontological Security Over Physical Security: Returning to Normality Even if it’s Unsafe to Do so 
Guzel Yusupova (Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Russia)

PANEL CE6 Legality, Legitimacy and Identity in Pre-Communist, Communist and Post-Communist Romania (ROUNDTABLE )
THURSDAY MAY 6 // Session VI // 1.30-3.00 PM EST
CHAIR Mihaela Serban (Ramapo College of NJ, US) 
Monica Ciobanu (SUNY Plattsburgh, US) /Writing History Through Trials: The Case of the National Peasant Part 
Cosmin Sebastian Cercel (U of Nottingham, UK) /Reversing Liberal Legality: Romania’s Path to Dictatorship 
Delia Popescu (Le Moyne College, US) /Romanian Refrains: Power and Identity Tropes Framing the Romani Minority in Communist Romania 
Emanuela Grama (Carnegie Mellon U, US) /Restitution Reversal or “Re-Nationalization”? An Analysis of Law, Property, and History Through the Case of the “Szekely Mikó” High School in Transylvania

PANEL U8 Individual Experiences and Microfoundations of Conflict
THURSDAY MAY 6 // Session VI // 1.30-3.00 PM EST
CHAIR Alexandra Wishart (U of Ottawa, Canada) 
Fabian Burkhardt (Leibniz Institute, Germany) Sovereignty- Contested Citizenship: Russia’s Passportization’ of the Donbas in Comparative Perspective 
*co-authored with Elia Bescotti and Cindy Wittke (Leibniz Institute), Maryna Rabinovych (Kyïv School of Economics, Ukraine) 
Cynthia Buckley (U of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, US) /Forced Internal Migration, Integration, and Plans to Return in Ukraine: Choice or Choiceless? 
Lidia Kuzemska (Lancaster U, UK) /At Home, But Homeless: Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine Search for Home 
Martina Urbinati (U of Bologna, Italy) /The Politics of Internally Displaced Persons: Reconfiguring Citizenship in Contexts of Internal Displacement DISCUSSANT Greta Uehling (U of Michigan, US)


PANEL U24 Political Extremism in Ukraine 
FRIDAY MAY 7 // Session VII // 8.00-9.30 AM EST
CHAIR Bénédicte Santoire (U of Ottawa, Canada)
 PAPERS Iryna Shuvalova (Independent Scholar, Ukraine) /‘Opolchenets’: Prosthetic Identity for the War-torn Donbas 
Bertrand de Franqueville (U of Ottawa, Canada) /Ukrainian Nationalism and Competing Memories of World War II: The Azov Movement’s Projected Narrative 
Alexandra Wishart (U of Ottawa, Canada) /The Radical Left in Ukraine since Maidan: The Case of a ‘Nationalist’ Anarchist Movement 
Adrien Nonjon (INALCO, France) /Azov and the Polish-Ukrainian Controversy over Intermarium

PANEL CE14 Kin-States in Central and Eastern Europe How and When they Matter (ROUNDTABLE )
FRIDAY MAY 7 // Session VIII // 10.00-11.30 AM EST
CHAIR Jennie Schulze (Duquesne U, US) 
SPEAKERS Angela Kachuyevski (Arcadia U, US) /Ontological Security, Kin States, and Social Boundaries 
Ronnie Olesker (St. Lawrence U, US) TBA 
Ellie Knott (LSE, UK) /How to Study Kin-States? Methodologies of Kin-State Nationalism 
Zsuzsa Csergo (Queen’s U, Canada) /Kin-State Support as a Double-Edged Sword 
Myra Waterbury (Ohio U, US) Divided Nationhood and Multiple Membership: A Framework for Assessing Kin-State Policies and Their Impact

PANEL CE21 The Benefits and Burdens of the “Invisible Suitcase” Writing Contemporary History as an Outsider (ROUNDTABLE )
FRIDAY MAY 7 // Session VIII // 10.00-11.30 AM EST
CHAIR Vjeran Pavlakovic (U of Rijeka, Croatia) 
Jill M Massino (UNC Charlotte, US) /Citizens of Humanity: The Relevance of Doing History as an “Outsider” 
Jan Čulík (U of Glasgow, UK) /How Do Culture Wars Deflect from Real Social Problems and What Can an Outsider Do About This? 
Marci Shore (Yale U, US) /Ostranenie, or the Epistemological Advantages - and Disadvantages - of Marginality 
Muriel Blaive (Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, Czech Republic) /Knocking on the Tribe’s Door: The Czech Public Sphere and Foreign “Opinions”

PANEL M1 Diaspora Engagement in Comparative Perspective
FRIDAY MAY 7 // Session VIII // 10.00-11.30 AM EST
CHAIR Lisa Koriouchkina (Williams College, US) 
Foteini Kalantzi (U of Oxford, UK) /The Greek Diaspora: Engagement and Disengagement with the Homeland in Times of Crisis 
Ahmed Khattab (Georgetown U, US) /Political Crisis and Diaspora Enfranchisement: The Emigrant-Citizens of Egypt and Tunisia 
Damla B. Aksel (Bahcesehir U, Turkey) /Limits to Claiming Sovereignty: International Politics of Embracing Emigrants 
Catherine R. Craven (SOAS U of London, UK) /Centering Security Practices in the Study of Diaspora Governance: A Tamil Case Study 
DISCUSSANT Dženeta Karabegović (U of Salzburg, Austria)

PANEL BK9 New Perspectives to Migrations From, Towards/Trough, and Within Yugoslavia 
FRIDAY MAY 7 // Session IX // 1.30-3.00 PM EST
CHAIR Alena Alamgir (Emory U, US)
Dragana Kovačević Bielicki (U of Oslo, Norway) /Mapping the Anti-Migrant Protests in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina Through Their Online Media Coverage (2015-Present) 
Rory Archer (U of Graz, Austria) /Ice-Cream Shop Owners, Irredentists, Yugoslavs? Albanian Migration to the Yugoslav Northwest 
*co-authored with Mladen Zlobec (U of Graz) 
Sandra King-Savic (U of St. Gallen, Switzerland) /Mediating Belonging in Switzerland: Strategies of Integration among Labor Migrants and Refugees from Yugoslavia 
Mišo Kapetanović (U of St. Gallen, Switzerland) /On the Nationalism of the Gastarbeiters: Theoretical Checks for a New Empirical Challenge 
DISCUSSANT Safia Swimelar (Elon U, US)

PANEL CE3 Book Panel on Lenka Bustikova’s Extreme Reactions: Radical Right Mobilization in Eastern Europe (Cambridge, 2019)
FRIDAY MAY 7 // Session IX // 1.30-3.00 PM EST
CHAIR Julija Sardelic (Victoria U of Wellington, New Zealand) PARTICIPANTS 
Jeffrey Kopstein (UC Irvine, US) Erin Jenne (Central European U, Austria) Emily Channell-Justice (Harvard U, US) Lenka Bustikova (Arizona State U, US)

PANEL EU1 Book Panel on Sean R. Roberts’ The War on the Uyghurs: China’s Internal Campaign Against a Muslim Minority (Princeton, 2020)
FRIDAY MAY 7 // Session IX // 1.30-3.00 PM EST
CHAIR Michele Commercio (U of Vermont, US) PARTICIPANTS 
James Millward (Georgetown U, US) Alexander Cooley (Columbia U, US) Adeeb Khalid (Carleton College, US) Sean R. Roberts (George Washington U, US)

PANEL N19 Book Panel on Danilo Mandic’s Gangsters and Other Statesmen: Mafias, Separatists, and Torn States in a Globalized World (Princeton, 2021)
FRIDAY MAY 7 // Session IX // 1.30-3.00 PM EST
CHAIR Tamara Pavasović Trošt (U of Ljubljana, Slovenia) PARTICIPANTS 
Jennifer Hirschfeld (U of Oklahoma, US) Sinisa Malesevic (U College Dublin, Ireland) Vladimir Petrovic (Boston U, US) Danilo Mandic (Harvard U, US)

PANEL R12 Russia’s Media and Propaganda Politics
FRIDAY MAY 7 // Session IX // 1.30-3.00 PM EST
CHAIR Marlene Laruelle (George Washington U, US) 
Svetlana Bilalova (LSE, UK) /Warfare Agenda-Setting on Russian Television, 2009-2019 
Inga Miller (SUNY Albany, US) Survivors of Russian Media Politics: A Comparison Study of the Carnegie Moscow Center and Meduza 
Aleksandra Raspopina (City U of London, UK) /Reporting Crime, Terrorism and Ethnicity in Russia: Media Discussions of the Proposed Media Law Amendments 
Scott Radnitz (U of Washington, US) /Conspiratorial Soft Power? Russian Propaganda in the Near Abroad 
DISCUSSANT Vasily Gatov (U Southern California, US)

PANEL U23 Book Panel on Wendy Lower’s The Ravine (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2021)
FRIDAY MAY 7 // Session IX // 1.30-3.00 PM EST
CHAIR Natalia Aleksiun (Touro College, Germany) PARTICIPANTS 
Jared McBride (UCLA, US) Elissa Bemporad (CUNY Graduate Center, US) Karel Berkhoff (NIOD Institute, The Netherlands) Wendy Lower (Claremont McKenna College, US)


PANEL BK19 Book Panel on Fabio Mattioli’s Dark Finance: Illiquidity and Authoritarianism at the Margins of Europe (Stanford, 2020)
SATURDAY MAY 8 // Session X // 8.00-9.30 AM EST
CHAIR Keith Brown (Arizona State U, US) 
Vasiliki Nefotistos (SUNY Buffalo, US) Gabor Scheiring (Bocconi U, Italy) Ljupcho Petkovski (Independent Scholar, Macedonia) Fabio Mattioli (U of Melbourne, Australia)

PANEL CE23 Cultures of Nationhood in Central Europe 
SATURDAY MAY 8 // Session X // 8.00-9.30 AM EST
CHAIR Szabolcs Pogonyi (Central European U, Austria) 
Gabriel C. Kelly (George Washington U, US) /Nation-Painting: Modern Art & Mutual Understanding in Divided States 
Ágnes Patakfalvi-Czirják (Budapest U of Technology and Economics, Hungary) /“We Are of One Blood”: The Mainstreaming of Nationalism in Popular Music in Hungary 
*co-authored with Emilia Barna (Budapest U of Technology and Economy) 
Biborka Ádám (U of Babes-Bolyai, Romania) /The Revival of the First of December in Szeklerland 
Zahorán Csaba (National U of Public Service, Hungary) /The Continuity as Legitimacy Tool: The Use of History and Symbols in Szeklerland Today DISCUSSANT Sherrill Stroschein (UCL, UK) 

PANEL K7 Historical Memory and Conflicts of the Present in Ukraine and the Caucasus The Dynamics of Radicalization and Peacebuilding 
SATURDAY MAY 8 // Session X // 8.00-9.30 AM EST
CHAIR Jean-François Ratelle (U of Ottawa, Canada) 
Cécile Druey (U of Bern, Switzerland) /Memory – Mobilization – War: The Case of Chechnya (1991 – 1999) 
Elena Natenadze (U of Bern, Switzerland) /Historical Memory and Conflicts of the Present: The Georgian-Abkhaz Case 
Oksana Myshlovska (U of Bern, Switzerland) /The Grafskaya Pristan/Hrafska Prystan Incident and the Dynamics of Radicalization in Crimea in 2008 
Margarita Tadevosyan (George Mason U, US) /The Concepts of Victory and Defeat in the Recent Nagorno-Karabakh War: The Narrative of the Armenian Side DISCUSSANT Tatyana Zhurzhenko (U of Vienna, Austria)

PANEL N20 Museums and Human Rights Constraints and Potential
SATURDAY MAY 8 // Session X // 8.00-9.30 AM EST
CHAIR Raisa Ostapenko (Sorbonne U, France) 
PAPERS Joyce Apsel (NYU, US) /Against the Nationalist Grain of History: Teaching Human Rights in Museums 
Avril Alba (U of Sydney, Australia) /Exhibiting the Holocaust and Human Rights: A View from Australia 
Robin Ostow (Wilfrid Laurier U, US) /Decolonization and Musealizing Human Rights on the Canadian Prairie: The Canadian Museum for Human Rights and the Museum for Canadian Human Rights Violations 2003-2020 
Umbrin Bukan (York U, Canada) /The Canadian Museum of History and Nation Building: Shaping History and Identity 

PANEL U20 Donbas and Crimea in Focus Spatiality and Temporality of Protracted Conflicts (SPECIAL ROUNDTABLE )
SATURDAY MAY 8 // Session X // 8.00-9.30 AM EST
MODERATOR Oxana Shevel (Tufts U, US) Onset of the Russian-Ukrainian War in Donbas: Sub-Regional Dynamics of Separatist Insurgency. 
Irina Kuznetsova (U of Birmingham, UK) /The Geographies of Displacement in Ukraine: “Power Geometry” and Lived Experiences 
Viktoriya Sereda (Ukrainian Catholic U, Ukraine) /Dynamics of Popular Attitudes Towards Donbas and Crimea and Conflict Resolution Strategies 
Oksana Mikheieva (Ukrainian Catholic U, Ukraine) Perception of Safety by Residents of Ukrainian Regions Bordering with Occupied Territories (Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson, Zaporozhye Oblasts)

PANEL BK6 Book Panel on Mila Dragojević’s Amoral Communities: Collective Crimes in Time of War (CORNELL, 2019)
SATURDAY MAY 8 // Session XI // 10.00-11.30 AM EST

MODERATOR Jelena Đureinović (U of Vienna, Austria) PARTICIPANTS 
Susan Woodward (CUNY Graduate Center, US) Max Bergholz (Concordia U, Canada) Dominique Arel (U of Ottawa, Canada) Mila Dragojević (U of the South, US)

PANEL BK23 Book Panel on Marius-Ionut Calu’s Kosovo Divided: Nationalism and the Struggle for a State ( TAURIS, 2020)
SATURDAY MAY 8 // Session XI // 10.00-11.30 AM EST
MODERATOR Aidan Hehir (U of Westminster, UK) PARTICIPANTS 
Anna di Lellio (NYU, US) Natalia Peral (UN Peace and Development Adviser, Kosovo) Adam Fagan (King’s College London, UK) Marius-Ionut Calu (Regent’s U London, UK)

PANEL K1 Political Transitions and Conflict Narratives in the Former Soviet Union
SATURDAY MAY 8 // Session XI // 10.00-11.30 AM EST
CHAIR Julie George (Queens College, CUNY, US) 
Philip Gamaghelyan (U of San Diego, US) /Political Transitions and Conflict Narratives in Post-Soviet Armenia 
Sergey Rumyantsev (Center for Independent Social Research, Germany) /Political Transitions and Conflict Narratives in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan 
Oksana Mikheieva (Ukrainian Catholic U, Lviv, Ukraine) /Political Transitions and Conflict Narratives in Post-Soviet Ukraine 
Dmitry Dubrovsky (Higher School of Economics, Russia) Political Transitions and Conflict Narratives in post-Soviet Russia 
DISCUSSANT Ruslan Baramidze (Batumi Shota Rustaveli State U, Georgia)

PANEL M7 Refugees, Asylum & Displacement
SATURDAY MAY 8 // Session XI // 10.00-11.30 AM EST
CHAIR Daniel Naujoks (Columbia U, US) 
Elisabeth Ruth Maria Pointner (Independent Scholar, Austria) /In Me(mória)m–About the largest Refugee Camp in Europe 
Kasturi Chatterjee (FLAME U, India) /The Moral Nation: German Responses to the Refugee Crisis in Europe 
Catherine L Crooke (UCLA, US) /The Temporal Tensions of Asylum Lawyering 
Nergiz Canefe (York U, Canada) /Populist Nationalism and Forced Migration: Dispossession and Dismemberment of Unorthodox Minorities in the Middle East DISCUSSANT Maureen Abi Ghanem (Columbia U, US)

PANEL TH3 Post-Communist Museum Representations of the Past in Central and Eastern Europe
SATURDAY MAY 8 // Session XI // 10.00-11.30 AM EST
CHAIR Anastasia Llewellyn (U of Ottawa, Canada) 
Valentyna Kharkhun (Nizhyn Mykola Gogol State U, Ukraine) Reconstructing the Past: Narratives of Soviet Occupation in Ukrainian Museums 
Ljiljana Radonić (U of Vienna, Austria) /Post-Communist Memorial Museums: Representations of “Our” and “Their” Victims 
Roman Abramov (Higher School of Economics, Russia) /The Museumifications of the Late Soviet Period in Russia: Between Nostalgia and Ideology 
Laura Mafizzoli (U of Manchester, UK) /The Open Secret: Narratives and Practices of Gulag Memory-Making at the Soviet Occupation Hall in Tbilisi 
DISCUSSANT Viktoriya Sereda (Ukrainian Catholic U, Ukraine) 

PANEL U22 Two Years of President ‘Ze’ Covid, Conflict, Courts, and Corruption Oh My” (ROUNDTABLE )
SATURDAY MAY 8 // Session XI // 10.00-11.30 AM EST
CHAIR Oxana Shevel (Tufts U, US) 
Graeme Robertson (UNC Chapel Hill, US) /Voting for the Outsider: Drivers of Electoral Support in the 2019 Ukrainian Elections 
Olga Onuch (U of Manchester, UK) /Covid & Support for Ze: Is There a COVID Penalty for Zelenskyy? 
Maria Popova (McGill U, Canada) /Damned If They Do, Damned If They Don’t: Prosecution of Political Corruption During Zelenskyy’s Presidency 
Cynthia Buckley (U of Illinois, US) /COVID, Displacement and Damage: Infrastructural Damage and Displacement in Donbas

PANEL N21 Book Panel on Ariel I. Ahram’s Break all the Borders: Separatism and the Reshaping of the Middle East (Oxford, 2019)
SATURDAY MAY 8 // Session XII // 1.30-3.00 EST
CHAIR Harris Mylonas (George Washington U, US) 
PARTICIPANTS Ben Smith (U of Florida, US) Erica De Bruin (Hamilton College, US) Bilal Wahab (Washington Institute for Near East Policy, US) Ariel I. Ahram (Virginia Tech, US)