H-SAE Editor Search

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The Society for the Anthropology of Europe is recruiting for an editorial team to manage H-SAE, the SAE network on H-Net.org.

We are looking for a Book Review Editor and three Site Editors. The Book Review Editor is responsible for identifying books to review, assigning reviewers, and publishing the reviews on H-SAE. Site Editors are responsible for managing the H-SAE page, administering the SAE listservs, and acting as webmaster for SAE. H-SAE editors also work with the Publications and Publicity Chair and the Graduate Student Representative to promote and increase SAE's online impact. Both the Book Review Editor and Site Editor positions are voluntary, and we are hoping for a 2-3 year commitment.

If you are interested in either position, please email a CV and cover letter highlighting your qualifications to nadeen.thomas@yahoo.com by August 1, 2020.  Feel free to share this call with colleagues and graduate students in your networks.

Thank you for continued interest in and support of H-SAE.

Nadeen M. Thomas
Editor, H-SAE