New Issue: Focaal 82 - Capitalism and global anthropology: Marxism resurgent

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This issue of Focaal features a themed section titled "Capitalism and global anthropology: Marxism resurgent" and is guest edited by Patrick Neveling and Luisa Steur.


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Issue 82

Theme Section: Capitalism and global anthropology: Marxism resurgent

Guest editors: Patrick Neveling and Luisa Steur


Introduction: Marxian anthropology resurgent

Patrick Neveling and Luisa Steur


Marxist morphologies: A materialist critique of brute materialities, flat infrastructures, fuzzy property, and complexified cities

Michał Murawski


Urban tourism via dispossession of oeuvres: Labor as a common denominator

Marc Morell


Gramsci in and beyond resistances: The search for an autonomous political initiative among a subaltern group in the Beninese savanna

Riccardo Ciavolella


The anthropology of human-environment relations: Materialism with and without Marxism

Penny McCall Howard



Elite ethnography in an insecure place: The methodological implications of "studying up" in Pakistan

Rosita Armytage


Contending with school reform: Neoliberal restructuring, racial politics, and resistance in post-Katrina New Orleans

Mathilde Lind Gustavussen



Reclaiming Meillassoux for the age of financialization

Hadas Weiss


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